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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook News Feed, Pinterest & Twitter Stickers

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This week in social media, Facebook makes more changes to its News Feed algorithm, Pinterest announces a new way of using Pinterest to shop and Twitter goes #Sticker crazy.


Facebook on iphoneIn two separate announcements this week Facebook have announced further changes to their News Feeds algorithm which places more importance on posts from friends. Facebook reiterated that “friends and family come first” and specifically state that “if its from your friends, its in your feed, period – you just have to scroll down”.

In the announcements Facebook state that their research has shown them that their users have two “strong expectations”. The first is that the News Feed should inform and the second is that the News Feed should entertain. They recognise that for most, this means that users are more likely to be interested in seeing content from their friends on Facebook. The more a user engages with their friends the more those friends are likely to appear at the top of their News Feed.

For businesses this could mean that it is about to become even harder to appear in your customers news feeds. Facebook admit that they “anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages”.

The key is relevancy – make your content informative and entertaining and your customers are more likely to share it with their friends. Understanding your audience on Facebook and building that into your social media strategy is more important than ever before.

Pinterest Shopping

With the introduction last year of mobile buyable Pins, Pinterest are adding some new options to their users shopping experience.

The most interesting of these is the introduction of a shopping bag – users can click on any of the buyable Pins that they fancy from different merchants and then check out and pay for the all in one go. As Pinterest saves your checkout info so that you only have to enter it the first time you shop, it means that potential customers are only “two taps away from placing their order”.

Pinterest Shop
The new shopping bag is only available on Android or the web, a rollout to iOS has been promised. Pinterest also announced the Pinterest shop where their in house team and guest editors select products from over 20,000 merchants.

For brands there is also a new filtering option so that Pinners can easily find popular products, sale items and shipping deals. Whilst the changes enhance a Pinners experience and encourages them to purchase, buyable Pins are still only available in the US and there is no indication when they will be rolled out to other countries. For businesses outside the US it will be a while before they can benefit.

Twitter Stickers

Twitter have gone sticker mad this week with the introduction of #Stickers to enhance photos. Twitter users will soon be able to choose from a large library of emojis, props and accessories to add to their photos. Multiple stickers can be added to the same photo and there is freedom to add them anywhere and resize them.

Twitter Stickers 1     Twitter Stickers 2    Twitter Stickers 3

It isn’t just about decoration as, like a Hashtag, the new stickers are also searchable. Tapping on the sticker will take you to a new timeline where you can see how others are using the same sticker. Stickers are rolling out now on iOS and Android and are already appearing across Twitter. Are you using them yet?

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