Social Media Weekly RoundUp, ft. Facebook Profiles, Instagram Ads & Twitter ‘Buy now’

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desk-notebook-office-macbookIt’s all about Facebook in this week’s social media news, as they are get animated with profile videos, improve profile layouts and introduce temporary profile pictures.   Facebook have also be bestowing the virtues of the new Instagram ads which became available in more countries around the world this week.

Facebook Introduce Profile Pic GIFs

Facebook are continuing their mobile improvements with a host of new mobile friendly features based around users profiles. In a bid to allow people to express themselves even further, Facebook announced this week they are introducing profile videos, where you can add an animated GIF to play a short looping video.

They’ve also introduced temporary profile pictures which changes back to your previous one when you specify. When 26 million users changed their profile picture using Facebook’s ‘Celebrate Pride’ rainbow filter earlier this year, this feature would have come in useful.

Improved Facebook Profiles

Facebook hasn’t stopped at profile pictures, however, further changes to users profiles include improved profile controls, making it easier to organise what friends see when they land on your profile. There’s also a new one line bio you can add, along with five featured photos where you can showcase your favorite pictures.

The design of your mobile profile will be changing too, photos and friends are now right at the top and a bigger profile picture will be centralised.

So far selected iPhone users in the UK and California are testing these new Facebook features, but undoubtedly it will be available to all shortly.   We’d love to hear from you if you’ve seen these updates, why not tell us what you think in our comments below.

Facebook on Instagram ads

A few weeks ago, we reported that Instagram ads were going to be available in 30 countries around the world as of this week, 30 September. Facebook, who owns Instagram released several new posts outlining the why and how of Instagram ads and the benefits available to businesses.

Twitter makes it easier to ‘Buy Now’

Twitter announced further partnerships this week to make it easier for retailers of any size to sell directly within a Tweet via Buy Now.   They are rolling out these features to a wider group of platforms and partners, and whilst this is only available to merchants in the US at present, it looks very much like the start of Twitter as an e-commerce platform.


Have you heard of any updates that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter.

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