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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Safety Check Alert, Twitter Launches 360-Degree Live Video & Instagram Copies Snapchat

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 29 Dec 2016 by Amy Hobson
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In social media this week Instagram released a new variation on Snap theme, Facebook helps spread false ‘Bangkok explosion reports after activating safety check, Twitter launches 360-degree live video on Periscope and more.

Twitter 360-Degree Live Video

Twitter is bringing 360-degree live video to its service courtesy of ts Periscope live-steaming platform. Periscope announced on Wednesday, the launch of live 360 video in partnership with a small group of users. The feature will be rolling out more widely to their users in the coming weeks. A waitlist has even been set up where Periscope users can sign up in order to learn when the new feature drops. For the viewiers, the experience will offer the same navigation options as you’d find on Facebook Live Video. While watching Periscope 360 video on either Twitter or Periscope you can watch different parts of the broadcast by turning your phone or scrolling around on the screen. It’s similar on desktops, just click and drag to change the point of view you’re currently looking at.


Instagram Release A New Variation On A Snap Theme

Instagram seems to be slowly morphing into a variation of the Snap Inc. format as the company introduced a new set of tools to help add more context and creativity to your stories by using stickers. The app now provides drawing tools in order to customise the smiley face for weather, time or location. You’re able to move them around, change the size by making them bigger or smaller and choose from a range of different styles to match your mood. Earlier this year, Instagram added another feature that’s very similar to Snap Inc.’s most popular and used features when they revealed their own content service called “Instagram Stories”.


Facebook’s Safety Check Alert Goes Off For An Incident That Never Happened

There has been a lot going on about fake news on Facebook ever since the US presidential election and now fake stories have resulted in the triggering of the social platform’s Safety Check feature. On Tuesday evening, users in THailand were greeted with a notification asking them to mark themselves safe due to an explosion that never occurred. When the issue was looked into it appears the fake story was linked to an actual bombing that happened at a Hindu Shrine in October 2016. There were also news in Bangkok of an incident where a man had thrown Ping-Pong ball sized firecrackers at a government building, however, according to BBC there was no actual explosion that occurred. facebook-fake-news


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