Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Safety Features, Instagram Desktop Notifications & WhatsApp File Sharing.

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In social media news this week, Facebook trials a new feature to capture imposter accounts, Instagram for the desktop makes improvements and WhatsApp challenges Slack and even Email with new file sharing feature.

Facebook Safety Checks

This week Facebook once again harnessed the power of their safety check feature to let users check on their Facebook in or near Brussels, after a series of explosions at Brussels airport and Metro Station on Tuesday 22nd March.


The feature lets you mark friends and family as safe if you know where they are and how they’re doing. The feature was originally used for natural disasters, but Mark Zuckerberg came through on his promise to keep this feature active in cases of any human disasters that may occur around the world, and the feature has once again proved to be an invaluable tool.

Facebook Trials New Tool To Tackle Imposter Accounts

Facebook is working on a new feature to help tackle the number of accounts being impersonated, which can lead to fraud and harassment.

The feature is set to automatically alert you if it detects that another user is impersonating your account using your name and/or profile photos. The tool will ask you if this user is indeed impersonating you by using your information or if it belongs to someone else who is in fact not impersonating you. The feature is already live in about 75% of the world, with plans to expand is availability in the near future.

Instagram Introduces Notifications On Website

Logging into Instagram on the web was never much of an experience. It was pretty much limited to scrolling through photos and double clicking to like one. But Instagram are trying to make their desktop view more user-friendly by introducing a notifications tab which tells you all the regular information you can get on your mobile device… new followers, likes, comments and tags are all there, meaning you no longer have to pick up your phone to check an Instagram account.

Granted the mobile version is still vastly better, as the Explore, Activity and the ability to switch between multiple accounts are still missing, but this is perhaps a step in the right direction for users wanting more flexibility when checking their Instagram account.

WhatsApp Introduce File Sharing

FullSizeRender-2WhatsApp are taking on Slack, and even email, with their new file-sharing feature as part of the update for iOS and Android. This is currently only limited to PDF files but it can also pull files through from iCloud and Dropbox. This could be a very handy feature for businesses, especially those who work small and have the need to send price lists or brochures, for example.

Could this system be enough to start rivalling email?


What do you think of these new changes and updates this week? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or in the comments below.

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