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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Facebook Trending Topics & Improving Offers, Twitter Video Ads, Pinterest And Snapchat

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In social media this week, Facebook updates Trending Topics and Offers, Twitter monetizes video, Pinterest improves targeting options and Snapchat make on-demand Geofilters easier to design.

Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook Trending Topics

Trending Topics will no longer have a story description written by a human and will only show a very simplified topic header showing the number of people who are talking about it on Facebook.   This could be seen as a response to the recent criticism and Facebook’s subsequent investigation into allegations of bias in chossing which topics appeared.  The less human involvement there is the larger the scale of possible topics and decisions will now be made algorithmically rather than with a human bias.   The Trending Topics that you see will still be personalized and you can still hover over them to see more.

Facebook Improves Offers

Facebook Offers have been “reimagined and redesigned” for both mobile and desktop.  Businesses can create offers either through an Offers Ad or in a Page Post.  In Facebook Ads, Offers can be optimised so that they are targeted to people who are more likely to purchase.  Offers created in Posts will now all be viewable by anyone visiting your page under the new, dedicated Offers tab.  Offers will also be easier to claim and save with the new Offers bookmark.  If claimed on a mobile, users will receive a reminder when they log into Facebook on a desktop and users will also receive a reminder when offers are about to expire.  The new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks.  The ability to use unique offers codes are also coming soon.

Twitter Video Monetization

Twitter Video Monetization

Twitter has introduced a new way for publishers to make money from videos.  Any video creator approved by the Amplifier Publisher Program can run pre-roll ads and will receive some of the revenue (reportedly a higher percentage than YouTube).  Once you are approved, monetizing your videos is “as simple” as checking a box.  Whilst it may be simple it is unfortunately only available in the US with no dates given for a roll out to other countries.


The improvements made to targeting for Promoted Pins and adverts have been further improved by Pinterest.  Expanded data is now available to retarget people who have visited your website allowing you to potentially reach a larger and more targeted audience through remarketing.  “Lookalikes” targeting has also been renamed to “Actalikes”.  Actalikes allows you to target audiences who are most like your most valuable customers and who behave and purchase in the same way.  The new targeting is available now.

Snapchat Geofilters


On-Demand Geofilters have been made much easier by Snapchat with new and easy to use templates which include different themes, text and colour options.  Geofilters start from $5 depending on how big the area you fence is and how long you want the Geofilter to last.  As one of the only ways that Snapchat currently make money it makes sense for Geofilters to be made as easy as possible to set up and also broadens their appeal.  At the same time, the latest Snapchat update also has new options to customize text, colour and captions.  Users now only have to tap their face once to use a lens and if your account is set to public your Stories can be viewed without being friends.

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