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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Google Spaces, WhatsApp Desktop App, Instagram & Facebook

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In social media this week Google launches Spaces and announces Allo and Duo, WhatsApp launches a desktop app, Instagram adds video to carousel ads and Facebook film Grand Central in 360.


Social Media @ SocialBGoogle have never really succeeded at social media but with the introduction of Spaces and the announcement of Allo and Duo it appears that they are having another go at getting it right.

Spaces, which is available now for Android and iOS, is all about group sharing. With Google search, YouTube and Chrome built into the app, they have promised a new way to “get people together instantly to share around any topic”.  Spaces allows you to find and share articles, videos, and images without having to leave the app.

At Google I/O, their annual developer conference, Google also announced Allo and Duo, two new apps for messaging and video calling. Both apps have the new Google Assistant built in to make it more tailored to your own experiences.

Allo is all about messaging and will incorporate Google Assistant and Smart reply, which will make suggestions based on the content of your messages and will also give you fun ways to enhance your message including emojis, stickers, and photo editing.

Duo is a companion app for one-to-one video calling and Google have set the goal of making “video calling faster and more reliable”. Both Allo and Duo will be available this summer. With the three new apps working together could Google be making another attempt at entering the world of social media?


As promised earlier this year, WhatsApp has launched a desktop app. In what WhatsApp have described as “an extension of your phone” the app is available now and mirrors conversations and messages from your phone.


Instagram New LogosCarousel ads have been available on Instagram since last March but from this week, you can now integrate video into your campaigns.

With carousel ads, you can showcase from 3 – 5 static photos or videos. You get to say the order so you can specify the sequence that a customer sees your video and images and you can use any combination of images and videos.

Instagram has always prided itself on encouraging creativity and this combination gives a great way of telling the story of your brand on the app.  Available now on both Facebook and Instagram, through Ads Manager and Power Editor, a successful campaign should reach a wider audience.

Facebook 360

Facebook have made it fairly obvious that video will play a major part in their future development and 360 video is a key part of that. With the announcement at F8 of the new Facebook Surround 360 camera, Facebook have now revealed Here and Now, the first video filmed in 3D-360 using the new hardware.

Set in Grand Central Terminal in New York, you can view the video from a different perspective every time. The video is impressive but it arguably should be given its $30,000 price tag. It will be interesting to see how the camera can be used to enhance a users experience of a brand or organisation when it becomes available this summer.

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