Social Media Weekly RoundUp, ft. Hootsuite & Instagram, Facebook Business Manager & Dynamic Product Ads

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This week, more updates from social media giant Facebook, in continued efforts to improve both user experience and functionality for marketers. Additionally, great news for social media managers who use Instagram, as Hootsuite integrate Instagram scheduling.

hootsuite & instagramHootsuite Integrates Instagram Management

This update announcement is very exciting for social media marketers, or at least we think so.

Hootsuite has long been a favourite social media management tool for marketers; it has an easy-to-use interface and has some key platforms integrated into the platform. Most marketers know that, whilst scheduling absolutely everything is not best practice, the ability to schedule some content is a hugely useful way to save time and ensure that crucial content is shared across your channels at key times. What is more, many clients’ audiences are best targeted outside of normal working hours, in these cases, scheduling is essential.

Instagram has opened up their API so that it can be integrated into applications like Hootsuite. However, whilst this is a very exciting announcement, it is not quite as well integrated as other platforms, just yet. The scheduling works more as a reminder; users must set their content up within Hootsuite, including the image, and schedule a time. When this time comes around, the user receives a push notification containing the desired image from Hootsuite, which, once opened, directs the user into the Instagram app where they can post the image, and the user simply has to press ‘share’.

We think this feature will make it easier for social media marketers to make the most of this platform, particularly when there is more than one person using the same Instagram account.

Facebook Business Manager

As they often do, Facebook has rolled a quiet update to the Business Manager interface. This interface is aimed solely at advertisers and agencies, as it is the space in which users can switch between multiple business pages.

We think this latest update will be a positive move for social media marketers. Previously, Business Manager users were simply presented with a list of pages they had access to, with a button to enable them to use the page as the business. Now, users are presented with this same list, but are also presented with key information; who owns the page, what level of access you as an advertiser have, and the page ID. You are also presented with what can only be described as a mini ‘Insights’ area, showing 3 key metrics and the % difference from the previous period; ‘New Page Likes’, ‘Post reach’ and ‘Engagement’.

In the short time since this update, we have already found this feature to be highly useful, letting us know, at a glance, how well our page is performing and how well received out efforts are this week, forcing us to think about what we need to do to increase/maintain audience engagement throughout the week.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

dynamic product ads
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In a less quiet announcement this week, Facebook introduced a number of new features to their Dynamic Product Ads, to expand the functionality of this particular form of ad. In a blog post published in the Facebook Newsroom, the platform revealed that this ad format has been performing so well that they have decided to make it more of a focus. This update includes the following features:

  • If a Facebook users makes a purchase on your website, you as an advertiser will be able to use dynamic product ads to show products to this user that are related to their initial purchase, as a manner of upselling.
  • Conversion optimisation: Facebook is promising that it’s updated functionality will target your product ads to users who are not only likely to click on your ads, but users who are likely to actually complete a meaningful conversion for your business.
  • The Audience Network: Facebook have announced that dynamic product ads will soon be available across the Audience Network.


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