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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Improvements to Facebook Live, Pinterest Ad Groups and Snapchat Search

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In social media this week Facebook updates Live, Pinterest announces Ad Groups and Snapchat introduces universal search.

Facebook Live

Facebook are continuing to improve their Live offering with new updates being rolled out in the coming weeks. Most significant of these changes is the ability for Pages to go live on Facebook via a web browser. This means no more shaky videos and gives a much more stable way of using Live when you need it. Many types of videos including daily vlogs, will benefit. This is only available to business and brands for now but a roll out to individuals is inevitable.

Another big change is the option to add someone to a page as a live contributor. Until now only Page Administrators could use Live on their Page but you can now designate someone as a “Live Contributor”. This backs up Facebook’s announcement last week of the Journalism Project, a key component of which was making it easier for news broadcasters to go live to cover events as and when they happen without having to wait for access. Other large organisations would also benefit as they could restrict wider access to live contributors or work more easily on a collaborative basis with others.

Other improvements include video metrics for live and regular videos for public videos on Profiles with +5,000 followers, live comment pinning, so broadcasters can highlight comments to their viewers and crossposting of live video so that a finished live broadcast can be posted to multiple pages at the same time.

Pinterest Ad Groups

Pinterest have changed the structure of their adverts in Ads Manager adding an extra layer of control and targeting. The new structure puts Promoted Pins into an ad group allowing you to split campaigns into smaller groups with different budgets and targeting. The new structure looks similar to Google Adwords and Facebook advertising and Pinterest confirm that “you may already be using something like ad groups on other platforms”. The new structure will roll out from this month and you will receive a notification in Ads Manager when it becomes available to you. Campaigns with only one Pin will migrate automatically but those with more than one Pin will need to be reviewed before conversion.


It looks like Snapchat is finally getting an improved universal search feature. Starting with Android the new search bar will make it much easier to navigate through Snapchat whilst Snapping. For many brands, Snapchat’s resistance to making content discoverable has been frustrating but the new search could make it more appealing to marketers. An improved search function and bar also provides more opportunities for businesses to pay to advertise and with a potential 2017 stock market launch on the cards an improvement to Snapchat’s ability to make money could appeal to investors. You can also now submit your chats to “Our Story “ where Snapchat can use your Snaps to create an aggregated story based on current trends. The changes are rolling out to Android users now and to iOS users soon. Would the changes to search make it easier for you to promote your business on Snapchat?

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