Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Instagram Ads, Facebook business pages & Periscope latest updates

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In social media news this week, Instagram have opened up their advertising market to the world making several improvements along the way, while Facebook becomes more user and mobile friendly and Twitter’s Periscope gets some new features in their latest update.

Instagram ads now open to all….

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 15.17.22With the popularity and growth Instagram has seen they now mean business and they are kicking off with Instagram ads being available worldwide.

Instagram ads are now officially offered in 30 more countries including Mexico, India and South Korea and will be on sale globally by the end of September, this means the 300 million people using Instagram will now get to see a lot more ads. Business size is also no longer a consideration either, as instead of only working with big brands, Instagram ads are open to businesses of all sizes.

In a further move to capitalise on revenue, Instagram will allow advertisers to run 30-second video ads, rather than just 15-second ones, and use landscape dimensions instead of just squares. This opens up the field for big businesses to slot their TV advertising commercials nicely into Instagram ads.

Instagram is also debuting Marquee, to help drive mass awareness for movie premieres or new product launches with the ability to reach a huge number of users quickly.   Finally, they have also announced this week delivery and optimisation tools to make it easier to manage and drive campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook business pages to be more mobile friendly

With mobile leading the way for both users and business, Facebook announced this week the news that they want to help businesses ‘build a mobile presence and communicate with customers more easily’.

To do this Facebook will add new features to business pages including making the call to action buttons bigger, brighter and more prominently placed for mobile users. This also involves testing several new call-to-action buttons on mobile such as “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us,” making it easier for people and businesses to connect.

Facebook are also starting to add new sections to Pages, so different types of businesses can feature the information that is most relevant to them. A new Shop section will help retail businesses bring their products to the forefront of their Page while the new Services section enables a business to showcase the services they offer.

An improved mobile page layout with tabs will be launched over the next few weeks but Facebook state that this is just the beginning of their mobile solutions for businesses, so watch this space.

New features in Periscope’s latest update

Having reached 10 million downloads of the app, Twitter’s live-streaming platform Periscope has this week seen an update with several new features – the most noteworthy is you can now view and broadcast in landscape. Periscopers can now continue holding their device in portrait, or match the broadcaster’s orientation to maintain full-screen video and no more tilting your head to watch sideways.


An improvement to Periscope’s Share Context in this update means that you’ll also get to know who shared a broadcast with you when it appears in your home feed by an indicator beneath the broadcast title.

Visually impaired Periscopers will be pleased to note that this version has much-improved support for iOS accessibility features. Whilst on Android when you start a private broadcast, you can now choose from your mutual followers (people you follow, who also follow you) so you don’t have to share everything with the whole world. There’s also an option to quickly select all of your mutual follows. This is not currently available on iOS, Periscope promises it will be soon.

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