Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Instagram & LinkedIn Direct Messages

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This week’s round up of social media news and updates is all about messaging, with LinkedIn’s messaging tool getting a facelift while Instagram direct messages step forward to take centre stage. You might also have noticed something different about Google….read on! 

Instagram Direct MessagesInstagram Direct Messages

A massive 85 million users regularly use Instagram’s direct messaging tool, despite it being fairly hidden within the app. This week, Instagram announced that they are going to make more of this feature, with the aim of encouraging more people use it.

The direct message function, since its launch in 2013, allowed users to simply send a photo privately to a friend, rather than having to post the picture to their public stream and @mention them. Now, the platform is rolling out a number of changes to make this feature more user-friendly. The main change is that users can continue the conversation in direct messages, and can send pictures back and forth in a thread, where previously a user would have to start an entirely new thread in order to reply.

Within the public stream, you can now see an arrow under photos, next to the Like and Comment icons and you simply tap this to post to a friend or group. You can also send hashtag pages and location pages by tapping the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner. Think of it like Facebook Messenger, but for photos. We’re hoping that this will help to de-clutter comments on busy posts which often have many users tagging their friends.

LinkedIn Messaging gets a much-needed refresh

This week also sees the LinkedIn Messaging tool finally getting a complete makeover to become more streamlined and user-friendly. Similar to Facebook’s desktop messenger, LinkedIn messages are now in a “chat-style interface,” and they have revamped the email notifications to alert people when they have new messages.

If you love your GIFs, emojis and stickers these are now supported which, as LinkedIn says, allows you to add a little bit of your personality!

LinkedIn haven’t finished here though, they are already talking about concepts such as intelligent messaging assistance which can help suggest people you should message or provide you with relevant information about a person before you start a conversation – so watch this space.

Google doodleGoogle’s unveils a new simpler logo

Google surprised us this week with a new logo using a simpler sans-serif font called “Product Sans” designed in-house. They also edited the red, blue, yellow and green colors to add “vibrancy” and “to maintain saturation and pop.”

Moving the design more in line with Google’s new parent company, Alphabet, the logo was announced in typical Google fashion with a Google Doodle.

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