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Social Media Weekly Roundup Ft. Instagram Live, Reddit Goes Social, Instagram Business & More

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Social Media

In social media this week Instagram Live includes a save option, Reddit becomes more social, Instagram reveal business profile stats and native video rules Facebook.

Instagram Live

When Instagram introduced live video in Stories in December 2016, the ability to save was missing so any content from your broadcast automatically disappeared as soon as your broadcast was finished. A new save function changes that. With the latest update, when your broadcast finishes you now have the option to save your video to your camera roll. The video will still no longer be available in the app and only the video will be saved without any comments, likes or live interactions but you will at least still have access to recorded content which you can reuse in other areas or upload a snippet to Instagram. More improvements to live video have been promised in the coming year.


Reddit appears to be taking a step towards a more social presence with a very recent announcement that profiles are being introduced. A “very small number of redditors” will have access to the new profile pages which they can post to directly (rather than to subreddits or communities). Other redditors will be able to follow a profile and will be able to comment on a profile’s posts but not create new ones. The design is fairly minimal and has been met with outrage by many redditors who feel that it is too close to Facebook or Twitter. Reddit haven’t confirmed if or when the new profiles will be rolled out to all and insist that the changes will encourage new content creators to join.

Instagram Stats

New stats from Instagram have confirmed its importance for digital marketers. 8 million businesses are now using business profiles and Instagram now boasts a million active monthly advertisers, a 25% increase on last year’s figure. Perhaps more importantly, “over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, received directions, called, emailed or direct messaged about a business.” Switching to a business profile isn’t mandatory (yet) but without it, you are missing out on some valuable features. Switching, for example, gives you a contact button so customers can contact your directly via phone or email rather than sending you a direct message. You are also missing out on access to analytics which are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Instagram have also promised access to new features like the ability to book a service directly from your business profile later this year. Have you made the switch?

Facebook Native Video

A recent survey by Quintly comparing native and other videos on Facebook (native video is uploaded to or created on a network rather than a video accessed by a link to another site) has shown that native remains the most popular to use and that it receives higher engagement. In the analysis, which looked at 167, 000 profiles over the 6 months to December 2016, nearly 47% of the profiles analyzed used video of some form. Of those that used it 30% used YouTube, 9% used others (including Vimeo) and the rest were native videos. Native videos also showed a much higher number of shares than YouTube. As the native videos included Live which Facebook tell us have higher levels of interaction, this bias isn’t really surprising. What the report definitely shows is that if you’re not already using video on Facebook you should be.

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