Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Instagram’s New Look & Dynamic Ads, YouTube & Messenger

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In social media this week Instagram gets a new look, dynamic ads come to Instagram, YouTube trials messaging and we get a sneak peek at the future of Messenger.

Instagram’s New Look

As the resulting outcry continues to sweep across social media and the internet, it’s difficult not to have noticed that Instagram have changed their logo

Instagram New LogosAs we reported in April, it isn’t just the logo that has been changed but the app as a whole has received a facelift. The new look app is much flatter and simpler and is available to all users now with the latest update.  The changes have also been applied to the family of Instagram apps so Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang.

How you navigate each app remains the same but they all now have a monochromatic feel. So far, the reaction of even the most ardent Instagrammers hasn’t been enthusiastic, with many criticising the changes. Do you love it or hate it?

Instagram Gets Dynamic Ads

In February 2015, Facebook introduced Dynamic Ads as part of its advertising offering and this week they have been rolled out to Instagram. Dynamic Ads allow companies to remarket to their customers by promoting relevant products to shoppers who have browsed your site or app. Their success on Facebook made it inevitable that they would also become part of Instagram.

Dynamic Ads can be a valuable tool in refocusing the interest of your purchasers, letting you “promote the right products to the right person’. In simple terms when a shopper visits your site or app and then goes to Instagram, they will be shown an ad containing multiple and related products from the ones they were browsing.

At the same time as the extension to Instagram, Facebook also announced that they were removing the restriction of just retail and that they were also being offered to the travel sector. Starting with hotels, Facebook have promised that they will be available to others within travel soon.

YouTube Messenger

Best Practices for Video MarketingIt looks like YouTube users may not have to rely on cut and paste and external messaging for much longer. This week, Wired reported that native sharing will go live for a small percentage of YouTube users of the mobile app.

A new tab has been added which allows the chosen few to share a video, chat about it, reply with another video and look back at old threads so that you can catch up on what you might have missed.

Most importantly for YouTube it means that they can potentially keep viewers in the app for even longer, increasing the number of video shares and also potentially extending the all important watch time. If you’re lucky enough to have the update you can invite friends to connect and chat. YouTube haven’t given an indication of when the feature could be rolled out to all users.

The future of Messenger?

Messenger has made lots of noise recently about how it is looking at ways to improve the connectivity between businesses and users. A video that has surfaced this week through Digital Buzz gives a sneak peek at how customers could use Messenger in the near future. The video shows a Messenger Bot from Burger King that could make fast food even faster!

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