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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. LinkedIn launching conversion tracking, Messenger launches Instant Video & Instagram removed photo Map

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In social media this week LinkedIn launch conversion tracking, Facebook introduces tools for targeting global audiences, Messenger launches Instant Video and Instagram removes photo map and improves photos in Stories.


New tools in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager finally give you access to Native Conversion Tracking.   With the new tools you can track leads, sign ups, content downloads, purchases and more so you can accurately track exactly what you get from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns. All metrics are accessed through a single Campaign Manager dashboard so no more lengthy data comparisons just to see if your LinkedIn adverts converted to customers. The new tools are available now.

In other LinkedIn news they have also improved their publishing experience with a new interface which makes it easier to edit your articles and add multimedia. LinkedIn’s tagging and distribution system has also been updated making it easier for your content to be found including searchable Hashtags (currently available on mobile but moving to desktop shortly). The new interface is only available in the US but will be rolled out to other countries soon.


With the introduction in advertising of Lookalike Audiences, Facebook are helping businesses target customers in new countries. The new feature allows you to use your a custom audience as a basis for reaching out to potential new customers who are similar in a different country. If your advertising objective is Website Conversions or mobile App Installs there is also an improved geographical targeting solution available as you can now select a worldwide region or trade zone. The new targeting is supported by webinars and a Facebook handbook to help you find the right customers in new countries.


messenger-instant-videosIn the latest update, Facebook Messenger has introduced Instant Videos. As long as both you and your friend have the latest version you can tap on the video icon in your conversation and share real-time video. The sound is off by default but you can add sound if you prefer. The text conversation will remain in the background and your friend can just watch your video or can share their own video at the same time. This is another ‘new’ Facebook tool that is remarkably similar to what is already offered in Snapchat. Facebook have admitted that they want to use Messenger for businesses to more effectively communicate with customers so could this be a step towards customer service with real-time help and support through Messenger video?


It was reported last week that Instagram were removing their photo map and this has since been confirmed. Location based features will still be available but photo map has been removed – you may still be able to see it but it will soon disappear. In another change, Instagram have made it easier to capture images in low-level lighting with a new option which has been incorporated into the latest update. When shooting an image or video in low lighting a half-moon shaped button will appear at the bottom of your screen.  When you tap the moon your camera sensor will automatically adapt to give you the best exposure. The low light feature is currently only available in Stories but expect to see it for uploads soon.instagram-1instagram-2


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