Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. LinkedIn’s New App, Instagram, a Facebook Plug In Update, Facebook Collages & Live Video Streaming

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Social Media Weekly Update Blog It’s been a busy week in the world of social media from LinkedIn’s long awaited new app to Instagram piloting multiple accounts toggle to make posting on different accounts easier. Facebook have also been updating their plug for a more engaging experience, launching a new feature called ‘Collages’ and you no longer have to be famous to get their live streaming video which they have started to roll out.

LinkedIn’s New App

Launched this week is the new app from LinkedIn, which has been built from scratch to develop a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies your LinkedIn experience and is available on iOS and Android.

They have streamlined the app into the five tabs to declutter the screen, these are Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging, and Search, which they claim is 300% faster in the new app. It also includes a new messaging tool which has more a texting feel to it than email.

Instagram Test Multiple Account Toggle

It looks like Instagram could finally be adding support for multiple accounts whereby you can add several accounts into the app’s main settings menu, making it easier to browse and post in different feeds. At present you have to sign out of and then back in to Instagram in order to switch between accounts and its also easy to mix up posts. Currently they are only testing on Android.

Wednesday saw Instagram experience some technical difficulties when their site picked up a bug. Whilst it is not necessarily uncommon for social media sites to go down, users were concerned as they were kicked out of the app and sent a message saying “the account user may have changed the password.”

This lead to complaints via Twitter but Instagram tweeted in reply and confirmed that no passwords required changing and that it was just a bug and not a case of hacking.

Facebook Plug In Update

Facebook want to make it easier to engage with customers and this week’s Facebook plug in update lets businesses add a message box and event information to their page.

Customers can now send messages directly from their Facebook inbox and they’ll show up via Facebook Messenger or the desktop chat interface. Whilst you can already do this via a Facebook Page, people googling a business are much more likely to go to its main website than a Facebook page.

Similarly, with events, any changes you make to an event on your Facebook Page will automatically be shown on your website, including allowing customers to subscribe to and be notified about any upcoming events.

Facebook Live Streaming for Everyone

iPhone Facebook Live Video StreamingNo longer is Facebook’s live streaming video just for celebrities, from Thursday this week the new feature called ‘Live’ is being rolled out to some US users on iPhones. These Facebook users will see the “Live Video” option in their status update and like Periscope and Meerkat, you can preface each video with a description of what you will be streaming. When live you can see who is watching and viewers can comment on streams in real time and then when finished videos are saved to your Timeline.

To complement the new live video feature, Facebook is also testing a new look for the status update menu that will appear at the top of some users’ News Feeds. Tapping the “What’s on your mind?” prompt will bring up a drop-down menu of the types of content you can share, including live video.

Finally, this week Facebook are also launching Collages, a feature that will group photos and videos taken together into albums. This is rolling out to iOS users from Thursday and should be available on Android early next year.

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