Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Masquerade, Instagram’s New Timeline & Hootsuite

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In social media this week Facebook purchases Masquerade, Instagram engagement drops, changes are made to the Instagram timeline and Hootsuite improves streams.

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In what is being seen as a direct challenge to Snapchat, Facebook has purchased Masquerade, the selfie enhancement app. Masquerade, or MSQRD, lets you overlay your face with funny filters and is at the forefront of the current face-swapping faze. With the ability to not just add Snapchat type filters to selfies but to also enhance live personal video, the purchase certainly seems to fit with Facebook’s move towards integrating more video features into the platform.

The purchase also seems to be carrying on Facebook’s knack to purchase the right apps at the right time – Instagram was purchased when it had only 30 million users but now boasts over 400 million users and WhatsApp has more than doubled since it was purchased just over 2 years ago.

Recent reports are that Masquerade had more than 4.4 million downloads in just over a week at the start of March so Facebook’s purchase may have come at the perfect time. Masquerade will continue to act as a standalone app, for now at least, but it will be interesting to see how the app’s features are integrated into Facebook over the coming months.

Instagram Engagement Drops

In a recent report by Quintly, it appears that Instagram’s particularly high engagement rate is dropping. In their study of 10,000 Instagram profiles during 2015 they found that while the number of posts has increased, engagement has decreased significantly. The study also showed that the growth of accounts has slowed down from 21% average growth in 2014 to 16% average growth in 2015.

instagram-logoThe growth is still high but isn’t as high as Instagrammers have experienced in the past. Don’t panic if you are using Instagram as part of your social media strategy.

The drop in engagement is most likely as a result of the increasing maturity of Instagram as a social media app and the increase in advertisers which often means a wider reach but less engagement.

From a marketers point of view it means that even more than before, the quality of content and images is vital to success.

Instagram Timeline Changes

A few weeks after Twitter made changes to the chronological nature of their timeline, Instagram has announced something similar. Instagram will be “focusing on optimising the order” of the posts we see based on your relationship with who is posting, the timeliness and the likelihood that we want to see and are interested in the content.

Twitter’s increase in engagement since they made their recent changes would suggest that the strategy is successful. Logically, users are more likely to engage with posts that are more relevant to them. Instagram will be making changes over the coming months and we will keep you up to date with any further news as the timeline changes develop.


Alongside Hootsuite’s testing of new analytics they have also made changes to the look and feel of their streams making them more intuitive and similar to how they appear in their native platforms. Messages in particular have a new format and comments can be viewed and added in-stream making it easier to use Hootsuite to engage with your audience.

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