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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Messenger, Twitter Partners with Deezer & Facebook Video Crossposting Features

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In social media this week Messenger launches version 1.2, Facebook announces new features for crossposting videos and Twitter partners with Deezer.

Messenger  messenger-2

Facebook haven’t made a secret of the fact that they want to increase Messenger’s capabilities for businesses and with their announcement of Messenger 1.2 they have taken the next big step towards that goal.  Since it was launched as a stand alone app, Messenger has seen the development of 30,000 bots and the new features provide new ways to enhance the relationship between customers and businesses.

Rolling out over the next month, News Feed adverts can have Messenger as a destination and can be targeted in a similar way to other ads.   Clicking on the advert will open up a Messenger thread with either a copy of the ad or a customizable message.  A new welcome screen, providing information about the bot (including the page category, response time and capabilities) is also being rolled out across Messenger this week along with the ability to share bots and content with friends using the normal Messenger share button.

Two other new features are currently in BETA.  These will improve the appearance of mobile websites in Messenger and allow a quicker and simpler checkout on mobile merchant websites.  Payments can also now be integrated so that customers can purchase without leaving the app using payment information stored on Facebook or Messenger.  Both of these developments are only available in the US with a promise that it will be rolled out more broadly by the end of 2016.

Facebook Video Crossposting Featuresmessenger-1

In April 2016, Facebook announced the ability to crosspost videos between pages under the same Business Manager.  The ability to crosspost videos has now been extended to pages with a different owner even if they have a different Business Manager.   To crosspost, both pages must agree to establish the relationship.  The Publisher will maintain control of the video and allow access to the video.  This will appear in the “Videos you can crosspost” tab for the other Page to post without the need to download, save and upload.  Insights will show an aggregated metric so that Publishers can see the total performance of their video.  The

Twitter Partners With Deezerdeezer

Twitter currently offers Audio Cards with streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify and Rhapsody and they have now added Deezer, a French music streaming service, to their list of partners.  Users can share a 30-second snippet of the song, the cover art and a link to stream the song from the app.

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