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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Microsoft’s LinkedIn Purchase, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook

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In social media this week Microsoft purchase LinkedIn, Pinterest confirm their position for search, Snapchat announce a new partnership, Emoji targeting is announced on Twitter and Facebook introduce Slideshow.

Microsoft and LinkedIn

Linkedin Groups for BusinessWith a hefty $26.2 billion purchase price (which Microsoft are paying in cash), the digital world has been buzzing with the news that LinkedIn have agreed to be acquired by Microsoft.

In an announcement to his employees, Jeff Steiner, LinkedIn CEO, outlined that LinkedIn would remain a “fully independent entity” similar to the status of other companies such as YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp.

If the deal goes ahead it won’t be completed until the end of the year so it will be a while before they “realise a common mission to empower people and organisations” and perhaps even longer before we start to see the impact that the purchase could have on the LinkedIn network.


In Pinterest’s latest figures they have confirmed that the platform now has over 2 million monthly “idea searches”. Interestingly they have also revealed that local ideas are three times more likely to appear in search results.

Pinterest are increasingly filling the gap between social and search and these figures confirm their position. For businesses it also emphasises the need to create relevant and helpful pins and boards so that your content appears on feeds. Simple product Pins on their own aren’t enough – think like a customer and provide the answers to questions they might ask or new ideas for them to Pin and share.


This week Snapchat have announced a partnership with Oracle “to measure the impact of digital advertising in the physical world”. Concentrating on consumer packaged goods (CPG) the partnership with the Oracle Data Cloud is aiming to combine offline sales data with online analytics to help advertisers quantify their advertising on Snapchat and, fundamentally, improve it.

One of the statistics released in the announcement is that 92% of the Snapchat ad campaigns drove a positive lift in store sales. Despite being one of the fastest growing social media platforms, many marketers have been slow to embrace the possibilities that Snapchat offers. These figures suggest, that for CPG at least, companies could be missing out on a great opportunity to drive offline sales.

Twitter Targeting

With over 110 billion emojis tweeted since 2014, Twitter have announced that emojis will now be included in their targeting options. Emoji targeting is only currently available through Twitter official partners but can be used to identify passions and interests based on the expressed sentiment of an emoji and also to target those who have used food emojis.

Facebook Slideshow

Included in their latest update, Facebook app users can now create a Slideshow as part of their update status options. With a choice of themes (which each have their own theme tune), you can pick photos you already have on your phone and put together a slide show to share with friends and family.

Slideshow 1

Slideshow 2


Although the feature is only currently available on mobile and isn’t available on business pages it could be a useful way of asking customers to share their experiences of your products or events which you can share and showcase on your company page.

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