Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Periscope Autoplay in Twitter, Peach and the Facebook Studio Awards 2016

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In social media news this week, Twitter takes live video to the next level, Peach becomes the new kid on the block and Facebook Studio launches its awards for 2016.

Periscope autoplay in Twitter feeds

In another update from Twitter, a new feature was rolled out for iOS users which allows live broadcasts from Periscope to autoplay within Twitter feeds. Periscope and Twitter both thrive on showing their users what is happening in real time and with Periscope users creating over 100 million broadcasts in a year it is becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate.

Until now any broadcasts could only be viewed through Twitter by tweeting a link. This could then be clicked on and viewed in the Periscope app. With the update, the links are no more and the broadcast will autoplay within the tweet itself so is visible in your feed. More importantly you won’t need the Periscope app or an account to tap on the broadcast and open it up full screen.

The new feature is being rolled out across Twitter this week but is only for iOS users. Android and web users will have to wait a little while longer.

Peach LogoIs Peach here to stay?

On Saturday a new iOS social media app caused a bit of a storm – Peach was launched and very quickly made the top 10 iTunes downloads. Founded by Dom Hoffman, one of the creators of Vine, Peach approaches social media in a very easy to use and simplistic way.

In essence it doesn’t do anything different to other platforms. You can connect with friends, create and share your own content, restrict your updates to your own network of friends and use as many emojis as you like. What differentiates it from the established social media platforms, and those that have tried and failed, is the use of magic words.

If you want to add a location, start typing “here” and then click on the bubble to activate it. Want to identify a song on the radio? Type song, click on the bubble and it will listen for you. No extra clicks required. As it grows in popularity more words will be added and supported.

The use of magic words certainly adds a new layer of interest and it is certainly fun to use if you have friends on there to share with. It’s difficult to see in less than a week whether Peach will be popular enough long term to take on the bigger players in social media. Others have tried and failed but initial feedback for Peach looks promising.

Facebook Studio Awards 2016

The Facebook Studio Awards have been launched and submissions can be made now. Originally launched in 2012, Facebook Studio is looking for your inspirational Facebook campaigns from 2015. Split into 5 different categories there are 4 levels of awards to be granted by Facebook for outstanding, creative and effective work. The awards are open for entries now and must be submitted for consideration by April 1st. Previous top winners have included Procter & Gamble’s #LikeAGirl and the Ice Bucket Challenge from the ALS Association.

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