Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Periscope, Facebook Notify, Facebook 360 and Tumblr

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Weekly Round Up Blog - 20 NovIn social media news this week, Periscope updates make it easier to “skip around the world”, Facebook launches Notify and confirms the roll out of Facebook 360 to iOS and Tumblr introduces instant messaging.

Periscope Update

In June, Periscope launched their Global Map. This showed you where live broadcasts were happening in real time but was slightly limited as it didn’t include replays and was limited to a total of only 250 broadcasts. When there are thousands of broadcasts at any one time and an even larger number of replays the map only gave you a taste of what Periscope had on offer. With the new Global Map you can zoom to a new place, see what’s being broadcast live and replays from the last 24 hours.

With the added functionality of being able to skip ahead in replays to a chosen point or to skip through a replay quickly to get an overall flavour of the broadcast, Periscope is even easier to use.

Facebook Notify

On the 11th November Facebook launched Notify, their new notifications app. Designed to streamline how you receive and consume notifications the new app lets a user select “stations”. Updates are then pushed through the stations when there are relevant updates. Based on your profile, Facebook will also make station suggestions making it easy to find and add new stations.

Notifications are delivered to your lock screen and you can tap the notification to open the link and see it in full. Only available in the US for iPhone it is in the early stages of use but getting the right balance of notifications could be tricky. The app allows you to be fairly specific about whom you receive notifications from and what you receive them for but too many notifications could possibly become annoying. With no date for a further roll out it could be a while before we get to find out.

Facebook 360

The day after the Notify announcement, Facebook also confirmed that 360 degree videos are now available on iOS. When it was first launched in September, it was only available for web and android users but with this update 360 videos can be watched in even more places. To support this update Facebook have also launched a new 360 video microsite to help 360 video creators.

Not surprisingly, Facebook also announced that they are testing 360 video within their advertising function. Selected partners are running 360 video ads and Facebook have said they will test with additional advertisers in the coming weeks.

Tumblr Instant Messaging

In a move that makes them more social, Tumblr have announced the introduction of instant messaging. In Tumblr’s latest update some users will see a smiley icon indicating that messaging is available – it isn’t updated to all users straight away but Tumblr will continue to roll it out over the next few weeks.

If you are lucky enough to have the icon you can message everyone but private and group blogs. Message someone who doesn’t have the feature and you can be really social and pass it along.

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