Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter’s Project Lightening

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Pinterest Verified Accounts & Search Updatepinterest verified (1)

Pinterest has revealed that it is working with a select few ‘influencial pinners’ to roll out a new ‘verified account’ feature. However, unlike Twitter’s verified accounts feature, Pinterest will not be allowing applications to become verified just yet. If you want that little red tick, you will have to wait for them to come to you.

Pinterest’s guided search feature was added roughly a year ago, and has increased in-platform search by around 30%. However, this week, the image-based platform has been tweaking its guided search function to make searching for what you want quick, easy and efficient.

This update involves the implementation of five improvements:

  1. New typeahead functionality: faster typeahead results will show up for boards and pinners as you type
  2. New filters: refines your search by all pins, your pins, pinners and boards
  3. Autocorrect: Pinterest shows results that it thinks you are looking for, even if you have misspelled the search term
  4. Trending searches: Pinterest will display top trending searches
  5. Verified accounts: the new verified accounts red tick will appear in searches, too

These updates are great news for visual social media marketers, as Pinterest stated that their research is already indicating positive results. With twice as many people are finding more boards and pinners, and pinners are 50% more likely to repin or click through a pin with the autocorrect feature!

Facebook Moments

Facebook’s Creative Labs team have been busy creating new ideas again, and have revealed an exciting new venture, which aims to capitalise on the recent boom of image based social sharing.

This new standalone app is called Moments, and contrary to what may have just popped into your head, no, it is not aiming to rival Facebook-owned Instagram. Moments is designed to be a private photo sharing space, where users can find friends and share albums with one another. Think of it as a cross between Facebook and the Cloud; although it is important to bear in mind that photos in Moments won’t be shared and stored at full quality.

Facebook ‘See First’

Lately, Facebook has announced a series of updates designed to give control back to the user, and improve the overall user experience within the platform.

You may have seen the early stages rollout of this feature, in the form of a dog suggesting that you pick friends and Pages to appear at the top of your newsfeed, in order to ‘See more of what you love’. Subsequently, these friends and Pages would be prioritised in your News Feed.

This week the platform is experimenting with an expansion of this feature, which allows users yet more control over who, and what, they see in their News Feed. The latest prompt is called ‘See First’, which appears above the ‘following’ tab when viewing another users profile.

‘See First’ comes in response to user complaints, due to reductions in organic reach, which lead to many users missing important updates from friends or family.

This update could be great news for users and marketers alike, as it gives users the option of prioritising what they want to see, therefore could lead to an increase in organic reach for business pages.

project lightningTwitter’s Project Lightening

Twitter’s latest top secret project has been revealed in an interview with Buzzfeed; Project lightening. The platform is due to release a new photo-centric feature, which will allow users to browse content based on live events, in chronological order.

Think of it as Twitter’s version of Snapchat stories; between 7 and 10 events will be broadcast within one menu, containing content curated by a team of editors. The events content will prioritize photos and video, displaying in full screen, with auto-playing videos. Rather than displaying in a similar scrolling manner to the Timeline, each photo or video will be displayed full screen, which users can swipe through, with the aim of allowing the user to watch how an event unfolds in real time.

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