Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Pinterest Update, LinkedIn Student App & YouTube 360 Degree Live Streaming

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In social media news this week Pinterest launch a new streamlined app, LinkedIn announce LinkedIn Students and YouTube announce 360-degree live streaming.


Social Media Weekly Update by SocialBThis week Pinterest have announced an update which makes the app smoother, sleeker and faster loading. Some of the changes are quite subtle – the look of the app has been specifically redesigned so that you can focus more on Pins.

They are hoping this will make Pinterest appeal to a broader audience, both outside of the US and outside of its current female dominated network.

Other changes have also been made to standardise the design across all devices so that Pinners will always feel like they are using the same app whether that is on an iPhone or iPad (or Android devices in the future).

By far the biggest improvement is the speed at which images and Pins load whilst scrolling. Pinterest claim that the app is now up to 3 times faster. Part of this improvement is that the new app uses intelligent preloading predicting what you will want to see so starting to load more relevant Pins earlier. The better speed and layout will inevitably lend itself to advertising with Pinterest.

With the news at the start of April that companies in the UK can now advertise on Pinterest through Promoted Pins the faster speed should make it more appealing for companies to advertise to the estimated 10.4 million monthly active UK users.

LinkedIn Student App

Linkedin Groups for BusinessAs a route into the “Millenials”, young graduate and student market, LinkedIn have launched the “first-of-its-kind” Students app which is specifically tailored for helping College graduates find the right career path and job opportunities.

Once an account is set up, users will be shown a series of different roles with information on average salary, job description, related job openings or similar positions. Users can also find out more by looking at the career paths of LinkedIn influencers (there are 500 articles already available) and can search for alumni in their fields of interest to start building their own networks.

The app currently focuses on College Graduates in the US on both iOS and Android but is only available as a mobile format. International versions have been planned but no launch dates have been announced.

YouTube 360 Live Streaming

Following on from the launch of 360-degree videos back in March 2015, YouTube have now announced the introduction of 360-degree live streaming. Starting with the Coachella festival in the US where this weekend you will be able to watch selected artists on the Coachella YouTube channel, users can now watch an event live in 360-degrees.

With the increased live capabilities of Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope it would appear that YouTube have taken the next big step and have also thrown their hat into the “live” ring. To add to the immersive experience YouTube are also launching spatial audio for on-demand videos which “allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance and intensity all play a role”.

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