Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Snapchat, Facebook Canvas, Live Video News Feed & Facebook Business Story

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In social media this week, Snapchat reach a milestone and Facebook launches Canvas, makes some subtle changes to its News Feed and helps businesses tell their story.


Snap Chat logoRumours are that Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel, told bankers and analysts at Morgan Stanley’s Tech, Media & Telecom conference that Snapchat users now watch 8 billion videos per day. The rumours are from a closed conference so there is no official comment from Snapchat but if it’s true then it ranks Snapchat close to Facebook who announced 8 billion daily videos in November 2015. As Snapchat has a considerably smaller daily user base (100 million compared to Facebook’s 1 billion) it highlights the importance of video to Snapchat fans.

Facebook Canvas

This week Facebook announced the launch of Canvas, a new and exciting advertising tool. Canvas allows advertisers to use a powerful combination of images, video, text and calls to action in one immersive advertising experience. Canvas not only allows advertisers to create a powerful advert but to also create a complete experience within Facebook.

Traditional clicks on adverts where users are taken out of Facebook can be frustrating, even more so if the site has difficulty loading. Users, particularly mobile, are likely to leave the site before it has fully loaded. Canvas creates almost a micro website which loads at the same speed as Facebook and, as opposed to an advert that sends a user out of the platform, keeps a user in the platform. Canvas is available now to Power Editor users.

Live Video News Feed

Facebook on iphoneFacebook has recently tweaked its News Feed signals to treat live video differently. With the changes, live video feeds are now more likely to appear higher in news feeds when they are actually live making them less likely to appear once they are no longer live.

This supports Facebook’s findings that their users spend three times longer watching live videos whilst they are actually happening. Following on from the rollout of Facebook Live to iOS users in December and US Android users this week, this is a further indication of the weight that Facebook gives videos now and in the future.

Business Story

With the announcement of reaching 3 million advertisers, Facebook is celebrating with the launch of Business Story. Business Story is a new movie tool which helps businesses share their story on Facebook. Businesses can use the tool to upload photos from their pages, overlay it with music and share on Facebook who and what their business is about and “their unique story and mission”. Its their way of giving “a big thanks” to businesses that advertise with Facebook.

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