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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Snapchat Memories, Twitter’s Dashboard and Facebook Translations

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Social Media

In Social Media this week, Snapchat introduces Memories, Twitter introduces Dashboard and Facebook translates your posts.

Snapchat Memories

Snap Chat logoIn what is arguably the biggest ever change to the platform, Snapchat have announced the roll out of Memories. Snapchat is known for its ephemeral feel – Snaps don’t hang around unless they are saved to your camera roll.

With Memories, Snapchat have provided a way for their users to save the Snaps and Stories that are most important to them within the platform.

The changes introduce lots of new features including the ability to edit older snaps, the function to create a new story out of old snaps and send it to friends as an attachment in a message.

Memories is also searchable and has built in object recognition so you can search for “sea” or “sun” and Snapchat will find your relevant Snaps and Stories.  Within Memories there is also the option to save private Snaps and Stories in the pin protected My Eyes Only section.

Snapchat’s uniqueness relies on the lack of permanence so the introduction may not be popular with those who use the platform more openly because their images disappear and there is no permanent record. Sharing photos and images, however, is increasingly important within social media so a function that allows users to edit, organise and share from their camera roll could help Snapchat appeal to a wider audience.

Snapchat is rolling out Memories over the coming weeks.

Twitter Dashboard

twitter follow g+Twitter have announced Dashboard, a new tool for businesses to help them communicate with their customers more effectively.

Features on the new app include a custom feed so that businesses owners can easily track what customers are saying about their business and respond quickly without having to trawl through notifications or the rest of Twitter. A scheduling feature allows you to schedule and edit tweets in advance either on a desktop or on the move too.

Twitter will also send tips and ideas that are designed to inspire your business to your Dashboard to help you create content that your audience will want to talk about and share.  Dashboard is only currently available to US businesses on iOS or desktop and Twitter haven’t given an indication of when it could be rolled out in the UK.


In our increasingly global community you may need to speak to different markets using different languages. For both small and big businesses, opportunities could be missed because you don’t speak the required language.

Facebook translations 1
A feature which is now available to all business users on Facebook, allows you to translate anything you write into one of over 40 different languages. It is also possible to translate the same post into multiple different languages at the same time. Facebook will choose which language the post is seen in based on the language a user has selected, their location and also the language that users most frequently post in.

Facebook translations 2

Facebook translations 3
Automatic translation can sometimes be a bit random but translated posts can be edited and Facebook will learn from its mistakes so that it gradually reduces the number of translation mistakes it makes. The feature needs to be switched on in Settings and is available now to all users.

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