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light-coffee-pen-workingThis week has been a particularly busy one, even for social media. With more updates from social media giant, Facebook, and new features from quieter platforms, Snapchat and LinkedIn. 

Snapchat iOS9 Update

 Alongside Apple’s latest iOS9 software update, Snapchat has launched a number of in-app purchases, which is new for the image-messaging platform. The first of these updates is replays. Relays have been a feature for some time now, however, Snapchat is now offering users the ability to pay to replay snaps, in addition to the one free replay per day that has been available for some time.

The second, perhaps more exciting update, is ‘Lenses’. Using facial recognition technology, the app alters the user’s face in real time, morphing their image into a variety of lenses.

These updates, whilst they may seem like a natural progression for the platform, seem to move away from what initially made Snapchat unique – the self-destruct nature of content shared on the platform was a big draw when first launched.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The professional social network has revamped its management centre for sponsored updates and text ads. What does this mean for marketers? LinkedIn has promised that this update offers users more control and visibility over their LinkedIn campaigns. The wave of new features include:

  • Campaign search
  • Dynamic visual reporting
  • Sponsored updates social actions analysis
  • Audience insights
  • Campaign start date scheduling
  • Rich media for Direct Sponsored Content
  • Account overview page

Facebook Dislike Button

Since its reveal this week, Facebook’s announcement of a new ‘Dislike’ button has sparked some real debate amongst the online community. Ever since 2009 when the ‘Like’ button was introduced, many Facebook users have been calling for this feature but believed that the platform would never cave and ever roll out this feature. For years, Zuckerberg stubbornly resisted this move, as he vowed that the platform would never become a space for negativity.

Having finally caved to pressure, he revealed that plans were in motion to implement a ‘Dislike’ button. However, Zuckerberg is still insistent that the feature will not be used for trolling and abuse, instead as a manner of expressing sympathy to sensitive subjects. In a Q+A session, Zuckerberg stated, “People aren’t looking for an ability to downvote other people’s posts, what they really want is to be able to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

Facebook Events Read Receipts

If it wasn’t already tricky enough with read receipts now in Messenger, social media giant Facebook has decided to add read receipts to events. Within the event, event hosts can go into their list of invitees and see who has seen the content, and who hasn’t, and see whether they have clicked attending yet. This feature is simply rolling out at the moment, so you may not notice it within your events just yet. This could well be a great new feature for businesses hosting events, as they can see whether their event is not well received, or just not seen at all.

The downside to this update is for the everyday user, as the read receipt makes online anonymity that bit harder than before.

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