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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Snap’s Move Into AR, Facebook’s Purchase of Eye Tribe & Twitter Edit

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In social media this week Snap moves into AR, Facebook purchases Eye Tribe and Twitter edit.


It’s been reported that Snap have purchased Israeli-based Cimagine Media for an estimated $30-$40 million. Cimagine is an Augmented Reality or AR company which claims on their website to be a “leader in augmented reality retailing” allowing users to see products in a life-like 3D environment. Cimagine has worked with some impressive clients including Coca-Cola, John Lewis, and Shop Direct. This isn’t Snap’s first purchase (since they rebranded from Snapchat) and others include Vurb, the mobile search app, Bitstrips, creators of bitmojis and Seene that allows users to take 3 Dimensional selfies. Neither Snap nor Cimagine have made an official announcement as yet so it’s unclear what their intentions are. It could be that Snap will use the technology to improve their available filter options. Or maybe they have a long term plan and intend to make Snapchat more e-commercial.   An official announcement is expected soon so it may provide more information on their future plans.


Snap aren’t the only company to have made a purchase as Facebook andFacebook-owned Oculus have acquired Eye Tribe a Danish based company who specialise in eye tracking software and development. For Oculus, Eye Tribe’s features including foveate rendering (where only the specific part of the screen that is currently looked at is fully rendered) could be beneficial as they help to lower battery consumption. Eye Tribe also has a patent pending for biometric eye authentication software for security use. The purchase of Eye Tribe has been confirmed by Oculus but the details of the acquisition, including price, haven’t been confirmed as yet. Without details, it is difficult to say how it could be integrated but it might be that one day we could like or share a post on Facebook with just our eyes and without having to tap at all!


A long requested feature on Twitter has been the ability to edit Tweets. Unlike Facebook where posts can be edited, to make a change to a Tweet, even to correct a spelling mistake, you have to delete your original Tweet and Retweet it.  Twitter have resisted for several reasons including that as a much-used forum for public figures and as every Tweet is a matter of public record an edit history would need to be shown. However, when Jack Dorsey recently asked this question the option to edit featured heavily in the Tweets he received.



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