Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft Twitter Data Dashboard, Snapchat & Facebook Shopping

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The past week has brought both positive and seemingly negative updates. With well received news from Facebook and Twitter, and an update from Snapchat which has not been welcomed by users.

Snapchat push news over friends’ storiesScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 08.52.04

Snapchat have taken the bold move to put their news content before stories from friends. In a further move to increase engagement with Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ content, this feature can now be found in the stories screen above live stories and ones from your friends. Whilst not a massive change it could frustrate some users.

Twitter introduce Data Dashboard

Twitter has recently been trickle feeding new features and updates; the latest addition this week is the new data dashboard. Twitter announced via their Twitter Blog that the new data dashboard will be rolled out with immediate effect to all users.

The new dashboard contains a range of information to help users with the privacy and security of their Twitter accounts, such as their details and device history.

This means you can now see the login history of all the apps which you’ve used with your Twitter account. The aim of this new dashboard is to let users ensure that your Twitter page is not being accessed by anything you’ve not authorised and allows you to remove any suspicious apps.

You will also be able to view and download your entire tweet history and a listing of accounts you’ve muted or blocked. This new user-friendly dashboard format will make it so much easier to check accounts are secure and that no one else is trying to get their hands on your them, which is especially important to brands.

This week has also seen Twitter trialing ‘Facebook style’ auto preview posts, in the form of new card tweets in timelines. This could reduce the need for tweets to have a separate image manually attached to each tweet, saving us all a little time when tweeting.

Facebook shoppingFacebook Shopping

Finally in this week’s social news roundup, the social media giant Facebook is testing a shopping experience which will allow users to buy items directly from business’ Facebook pages. This new feature will let retailers turn their Facebook pages into mini storefronts outside of their main websites.

Retailers will be able to choose whether to keep the shopping experience within Facebook or direct them to their website. It doesn’t appear that Facebook is planning to make a profit directly from these new plans just yet but enhance their long term goal of keeping users within the Facebook apps and website.

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