Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Reactions & Instagram’s Latest Milestone

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In social media this week, Twitter improves the Direct Message function and their ability to help with your customer service, Facebook reactions go global and VR gets more investment and Instagram reaches another milestone.

Twitter Direct Messages

twitterTwitter may be struggling to grow but they are still continuing to roll out more changes and tweaks to the platform. As further emphasis of the importance of video to social media and Twitter, the latest update allows users to capture and share video within Direct Messages. With the removal of the 140 character limit and this further addition, Twitter are making Direct Messages a more powerful tool.

Twitter Direct Message Link & Feedback

In addition to the changes with video and in recognition of the Twitter users who Tweet for customer service contact with businesses, Twitter have also made it easier for you to move your customers offline to Direct Messages when you need to.

Users can now include a standardised deep link in their Tweet which Twitter turns into a call to action. One click will open up the Direct Message compose with the username already selected and the public tweet visible for context.

This could be a useful customer service tool for many brands and businesses who need to move conversations to a less visible area of Twitter. All users can create a link but you may need to make some adjustments to your account settings.

Twitter are also introducing the facility to ask your customers for feedback immediately after a Direct Message conversation. It is only currently available to approved businesses and via one of their customer service solutions but it could be a valuable tool in measuring the effectiveness of your direct contact with your Twitter customers.

Facebook Reactions

After a few months of testing, Facebook have launched Reactions to all Facebook users around the world. Instead of just liking a post you can now tap either Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.

Facebook ReactionsInitially, Reactions similar to a like will be treated the same from a News Feed point of view for determining whether you want to see more similar content. Facebook have suggested that over time this will change and that the different Reactions will be weighted differently in the future. Whilst they haven’t given any indication of how this would be implemented, a Love is likely to be rated higher than a simple Like.

Facebook invests in VR

Facebook have highlighted the importance of video for some time and an announcement this week has reinforced this. With more than a million hours of videos watched via the Samsung Gear VR since its launch in November 2015, Facebook have taken the next step and have developed technology that allows 360 video to also be streamed to the Gear VR. It isn’t available yet but will be in the next few weeks. Facebook have also announced further investment in technology and support for social VR with a dedicated team.

Instagram Milestone

It is difficult to miss Instagram’s growth and this week they have reached another milestone. 6 months ago, Instagram opened up advertising to businesses of all sizes and they were very pleased to announce that they now have more than 200,000 advertisers.

With a hint of a promise that they will continue to expand on the advertising options that they currently offer, Instagram looks set to continue to grow and develop into a social media platform which is essential to a successful social media strategy.

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