Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Twitter Emojis & Character Limit, Facebook Reactions & Google Retargeting

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In social media and digital marketing news this week; Twitter’s new CEO is making movements already, with changes rippling across the platform, Facebook dispels ‘Dislike Button’ rumours with ‘Reactions’ reveal, and Google is rumoured to be improving it’s targeting.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.37.18Twitter’s Giant Emojis!

Jack Dorsey has barely warmed up his seat in his new office and the changes have started rolling in. The first of which is bigger Emojis in Direct Messages. Similar to Messenger, if you send just emojis with no text, your emoji will appear bigger and in better detail. It is not known whether this will work if a message is sent via external sites such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

We’re hoping that this update is a sign of things to come under the platforms new CEO, as it promises that he has big plans to grow Twitter to its full potential. 

Twitter is shaking off the 140-character limit

Some controversial news has hit the social media scene this week; Twitter is reportedly considering ditching its trademark feature: the 140-character limit. This character restriction has been a distinguishing feature since Twitter launched in 2006, however, it has often been criticised by and suggested that Twitter should expand it. It has also divided Twitter employees, and until recently when Dorsey was appointed as CEO it has never seemed like the platform would make this move.

Since taking over the position of CEO, Dorsey has made it clear that the platform’s focus needs to be attracting a more mainstream audience. It is thought that this tweak of the character limit may involve removing things like links and twitter handles from the character count.

We are intrigued to see how this is received when it rolls out, will it attract a more mainstream audience to the platform, or will it dilute its branding by removing its trademark feature?

Facebook’s ‘Dislike’ Button hints have been revealed, but with a twist


Last month, Facebook let slip that they were working on a counterpart to the trademark ‘Like’ feature, which has been a part of the platform since 2009. Many marketers and brands, us included, assumed that this would take the shape of a ‘Dislike’ Button, which most were sceptical about.

Yesterday, it was revealed that this counterpart would be launched in the form of six new ‘reactions’ (seven, if you include the classic ‘Like’): Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry. This update, which is in the testing phase, currently only available in Ireland and Spain, better supports Zuckerberg’s determination that the platform will not become a space for negativity.

We think this is a preferable alternative to a ‘Dislike’ button, however, this significantly complicated the measurement and analytics landscape for marketers.

Google is improving its Ad targeting

Not quite social, but some big news for digital marketers. Google have revealed that they are going to give brands a way to target their customer database through ads on Google’s Ad network – Gmail, search & YouTube.

Advertisers will be able to import their client files and import them to be matched against Google’s Gmail master file, from which they can create an audience list to target. From this, advertisers will also be able to target similar Internet users, with similar characteristics to their audience list.

Described as ‘people-based marketing’, this is set to be a big move in Google’s targeting capabilities, which have started falling behind the likes of Facebook, which has long allowed marketers to retarget customers, rather than assuming and making educated guesses at the end user.

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