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Updates this week are all very positively received by the social media community. Twitter launches an event targeting tool, to the delight of marketers, changes to Google+ delight YouTube users, and Twitter’s new Windows 10 app is good news for both users and Twitter itself.

Twitter Launches Event Targeting

Twitter Event Targeting

Earlier this week, Twitter launched a new event-targeting tool aimed for use by marketers looking to connect with consumers through social media.

This shiny new tool will allow savvy marketers to identify upcoming events their target audiences may be involved or interested in, and to build and time campaigns around them. It comes in the form of a calendar which user can search through for upcoming events. Each event offers insights to the user, allowing them to understand what the event is and the kind of audience that would be involved with the events – such as age, gender, and devices. It derives this information from historical data, which can also be accessed by users.

With this, marketers can better decide when their campaigns should be live, which should, in theory, mean that their time and money is better invested, thus generating a better ROI.

Google unlinking Google+

Since 2011, Google+ has played a key role in accessing Google’s full functionality. However, this has always been a source of frustration for users, as many felt that Google was using its weight and power as an integral part of digital as a way of forcing users to use Google+.

Where previously, users had to have a Google+ account in order to use YouTube and do things within YouTube like post comments, Google is stripping back the involvement of Google+.

This news has been met with approval from YouTube users and marketers alike – so what does this mean for the future of Google+?

Twitter WindowsTwitter Windows 10 App

Another update from Twitter this week; the social media platform has rolled out a new Windows app, which drastically improves the user experience on Windows devices. It had always felt like Twitter’s Windows app was somewhat of an afterthought. Now, however, the app includes support for multiple photos in tweets, and the ability to watch GIFs, Vines and other videos from your timeline. What is more, the Windows app direct message feature finally catches up to the iOS app, in that it now supports photos in direct messages.

This app will be available across all Xbox devices, making Twitter one of the first 3rd party apps to offer this. Twitter has been consistently improving user experience across the desktop site and mobile devices, as the platform’s user growth is often criticised.

Twitter states that this is not the last change they will make to the Windows app, they will continue to improve it in coming weeks and months.

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