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It’s been a busy week in the world of social media, with Twitter upsetting users, Facebook looking more like YouTube and YouTube introducing video ads you can watch upside down, plus WhatsApp had a very hectic but productive day yesterday – read on to find out more.

Facebook videosfacebook play

Facebook announced this week that video creators will now be able to restrict their audience by age and gender, this is in addition to the location and language options already offered.

Not only that, but Facebook have also announced that Pages will be able to post ‘secret’ videos. Looking very similar to YouTube’s “unlisted” function, video publishers can also now opt to turn off third-party embedding, or house videos only under a “videos” tab separate from the News Feed. Users can only access these ‘secret’ videos with a direct URL.

360 degree video comes to TrueView Ads on YouTube

Back in March YouTube started supporting 360 degree videos (you need a compatible 360 degree camera). As from 22 July new 360 degree TrueView ads can be viewed in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS.

YouTube viewers can now explore every angle of a video by dragging their mouse or moving their phone around, up and down, left and right to change their view of what’s happening in the video.

TrueView ads don’t charge you for random impressions you only pay when viewers choose to watch.

Twitter’s background wallpaper goes MIA

The week started off badly for Twitter on Monday following a controversial update. Users found that they had a blank white background on their home and timeline pages. Previously you could select from wallpaper options offered by Twitter or upload your own photo. Twitter told Mashable “We’re removing background images from the home and notifications timelines on web for all users. Now, background images are only available where logged-in users will see them publicly (Tweet pages, list pages and collections pages).”

If you need some help or have a question about how you can customise your Twitter account, have a look at Twitter’s instructions.

whatsappWhatsApp sees 5 feature updates in 1 day

1. New custom notification settings let you choose from lots of new tones, vibrations, lights etc.

2. You can now mark messages as unread and, although senders will still know you’ve read them, it turns green so you can get back to it later.

3. You can also mute a conversation for eight hours, one week or one year.

4. A low data usage option for voice calls has been added.

5. Finally, under Account, Network usage, you can now see an option for Google Drive backup usage, according to Android Police there’s still no way to trigger a Google Drive backup, but it could be coming soon.


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