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Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter Feedback Button, Snapchat Name Change & Improved Canvas Advertising

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In social media this week Snapchat makes a name change and introduces Spectacles, Facebook improves Canvas advertising, Twitter includes a new feedback button and LinkedIn gets a redesign.


Snapchat have changed their name to Snap Inc, or Snap for short. Recognising that their company has changed significantly Snapchat was originally developed, Snap Inc are also acknowledging that they may widen their product offering as “they need a name that goes beyond just our products”. Or does this mean that in the future they will be all about Snaps or images rather than Chat?

Snapchat Spectacles

At the same time as announcing the name change, Snap also introduced Spectacles. These are a pair of sunglasses that allow you to record video and share it and are an easy way to create Memories. Due to be launched later this year, they have an 115-degree angle and record up to 30 seconds of video using one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world. They will initially be launched as a limited release and could be a step towards Snap becoming involved in virtual reality. At a cost of under $130 and available in black, teal or coral (but surprisingly not Snap yellow), they could become the hottest gift for Christmas 2016.

Facebook Improves Canvasscreen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-06-12

With over 150 years spent viewing content in Canvas on Facebook, more and more brands and companies are using the Canvas advertising format to communicate with their audience. From this week Canvas can now be used for brand awareness and video view campaigns as well as website clicks and website conversions. Improved metrics are already available but Facebook has also promised templates incorporating best practices and other features like 360 videos and links to other Canvas experiences so a customer can explore your products and services with fast loading click-throughs and without having to visit your website (unless you want them to).

Twitter Feedback Button

In their latest update, users can now let Twitter know that they don’t like a specific Tweet without having to report it or block the account. In the drop down menu at the top right of the Tweet, you can not only share, follow, mute, block or report but also tell Twitter “I don’t like this Tweet”. This allows Twitter to build a fuller picture of what you do and don’t like so that your timeline is more relevant and you only see what you want to see. For businesses, it means that relevance to your audience has become even more important.

LinkedIn Redesign linkedin-redesign-september2016

LinkedIn have announced steps to improve their users experience with a redesign of their desktop format in line with the design of their mobile app. As part of the same announcement LinkedIn also confirmed the introduction of an Interest Feed with more ways to search and discover content, the launch of LinkedIn Learning, which was inevitable following LinkedIn’s purchase of the learning resource in 2015 and also an improved messaging platform. The new messaging platform will use bots to link to your Google calendar to help you schedule meetings and to suggest locations. The bot technology will focus on scheduling for now but with the recent purchase by Microsoft, it is expected that more will be available in the future. With the exception of LinkedIn Learning which is available now, the other changes aren’t available yet and no clear indication of a rollout has been announced.

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