Social Media Weekly RoundUp ft. Twitter Hearts, Instagram Advertising, Pinterest Tools.

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Social Media phoneIn social media news this week, Twitter say goodbye to their star, Instagram becomes easier for all sizes of business to advertise and Pinterest makes some interesting changes to its tools and board organisation.

Twitter Hearts

In a controversial move, Twitter have changed their favourites to likes, abandoning their star icon in the process and replacing it with a heart. Whilst the changes have proved unpopular with some fans, Twitter insists that the heart is a universal symbol across all languages and cultures and is less confusing to Twitter newcomers. In their continued efforts to improve their interaction and engagement, Twitter feel that whilst their followers can like lots of different things there is a smaller number of things that would be their favourites.

Broadcasting live on Periscope, Twitter’s SVP of Product Kevin Weil, stated that usage had increased by 6%. Early indications are good, though this could involve a certain amount of novelty factor. Have you noticed an increase in likes over favourites?

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram has become easier for businesses of all sizes as they can now be run through Facebook’s Ads Manager. Rolling out over the coming weeks, businesses will be able to run all types of Instagram adverts, including carousel ads, through the self serve functions rather than through approved Instagram partners. With changes to optimisation including reach and frequency, even small businesses can further tailor their advertising to make sure that their adverts have the maximum impact for their investment.

Pinterest Tools & Boards

In June 2015 Pinterest launched buyable Pins on iPhone and iPad and this week has seen a roll out to Android. Android users now have access to over 60 million buyable Pins which they can purchase without having to leave the app. This is still only available in the U.S. and there is no specific date for a wider geographical rollout.

Pinterest have also made changes to make recently updated boards and Pins easier to find. Based on their findings that most people search for Pins they have recently added, Pinterest now shows your new Pins at the top of your personal profile. Boards can be searched for alphabetically, by name or by those that you have recently Pinned to making it easy to find certain boards. Once you have reached a certain quantity of Pins, Pinterest will now organise your Pins by topic allowing you to browse them and find similar. So far, the changes haven’t been particularly well received amongst prolific Pinners as they feel that Pinterest have removed the creative ability to order their boards how they want to.

Most interestingly, Pinterest have also added a new visual search tool. This new update allows you to zoom in on a particular item in an image and Pinterest will show you similar images. So if you have Pinned a picture of an entire outfit but are really only interested in the shoes you can use the tool to highlight just the shoes. Pinterest will show you similar images and allow you to further narrow your search by suggested topic. Definitely an easier way to find just the products that you are really interested in.

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