Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter, Instagram, Peach, Vine, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Nextdoor

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In social media this week, Twitter introduces GIF search, Instagram adds a view count, Peach goes Android, Vine, Vimeo and LinkedIn make changes and is Nextdoor the next big thing?

Social Media Weekly RoundupTwitter GIFs

Twitter announced this week that it has added GIF search to Tweets and Direct Messages. With over 100 million GIFs being shared on Twitter last year alone, the new search makes it easier for GIFs to be searched for and, more importantly to Twitter users, to be shared.

Click on the GIF option when composing your Tweet or message and you can search by either the keyword or category. The GIFs are provided by new Twitter partners GIPHY and Riffsy and the option is being rolled out to everyone around the world in the coming weeks.

Instagram Views

In another platform rollout, Instagram are adding a view count to videos. In recognition that the number of views is one of the most widely expected forms of feedback for video, the new feature gives businesses another way of monitoring engagement with their audience.

With the increase to the length of video advertisements a couple of weeks ago, it appears that Instagram are really embracing video and promise that this is the “first of many ways you’ll see video on Instagram get better this year”.

Peach goes Android

Peach LogoNew social media app Peach has announced it is now available on Android. In other changes, users now have the option to make their profile public, allowing anyone to follow you and comment on your posts. There is also now a “Who to Follow” feature so that you can identify new public accounts to follow. More brands are gradually joining Peach but the future is still a little uncertain. It will depend, to some extent, on its popularity on Android as to whether or not Peach can become a serious player.

Vine Updates

Vine have made a few tweaks that allow you to watch an account’s Vines in any order and also gives you the ability to edit your caption for a short while after you post. These are available on Android from this week and will be coming soon to iOS.

Vimeo Update

Plus and PRO members on Vimeo now have the option to share a video through a private link. You can’t prevent the link from being shared with others, so the video may not stay private, but you can still add a password which will add to the privacy settings of something you share.


We’ve noticed that LinkedIn don’t seem interested in how you know someone anymore. Our connections page looks a little different as it no longer asks us how we know someone before we send an invitation to connect. We haven’t seen an official announcement of the change yet but it could make connecting on LinkedIn much easier.


Nextdoor moves to The Netherlands

With 92,000 established communities in 4 years since it’s launch in the US, Nextdoor have made their first move across the Pond and have launched in the Netherlands after 3 months of beta. Rumours are that it will be coming to the UK next. With an announcement that they are testing sponsored posts from a selected group of businesses, Nextdoor could soon be a new opportunity to communicate with your customers on a local level.

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