Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter Moments, Facebook Year In Review & Real Name Policy Changes

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This week’s social media news is dominated by the UK launch of Twitter’s Moments, project name Lightning, hence the reason for the lightning bolt. Facebook’s annual ‘Year in Review’ will be hitting our timelines but with a new edit feature and after protests Facebook review their real name policy.

Twitter Moments launch in the UK

Twitter Moments Blog 2This week saw the UK launch of Twitter Moments, which is Twitter’s new news tab. Moments is designed to let you catch up on breaking news via a ‘lightening bolt’ in the centre of the mobile app and shortly to be added to its website. This gives users a curated list of news stories so if you’ve been away for a while you can see what news you’ve missed.

In another step to use social media as a new source, Twitter Moments is curated by its own journalists and some media partners like the Premier League, Glamour magazine, The Sun, Have I Got News for You, VICE, Sugarscape, Food Network, Sky News, The Economist, Met Office, Popjustice, Global, Vevo, BT Sport, Empire, Sky Sports, STV, and Buzzfeed UK.

Twitter Moments

Moments will have a mixture of pictures, tweets and links to more detailed stories. The latest stories to be featured are British astronaut Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station, the Star Wars premier in Hollywood, migrants arriving in Lesbos, and Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat by Leicester.

Facebook Year in Review

It’s that time of year when we see our Year in Review on Facebook and they remind us of our top moments, what we’ve done and where we’ve been in 2015. This year though if there are bits you don’t like you can edit these out and filter those memories you’d rather not be reminded about – if only life was that simple!

Change in real name policy on Facebook

Historically, Facebook has always required users to sign up with their real names, but this week the social media network are looking to change their real name policy and test tools that allow people to share any special circumstances they felt meant they could not use their real name.

Although, Facebook stands firm on insisting people use “real names” in all but the most unusual situations.

The company is also adding a new tool for reporting fake names, requiring anyone who is reporting another user to provide more context for their complaint.

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