Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter Timeline & First View, Facebook, Instagram & Hootsuite Analytics

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In social media this week, Twitter introduces a new timeline feature and reveals First View, Facebook updates video ads, Instagram allows you to switch between accounts and Hootsuite invites interest in new analytics.

Twitter Timeline

Twitter have introduced a new timeline feature which allows you to see most relevant tweets first when you’ve been away from your account for a while. In settings you can now opt to “Show me best Tweets first”. When the option is selected, Twitter will show you the tweets it thinks you will most want to see, still recent and in reverse chronological order. Other Tweets will be displayed underneath as normal.

Twitter Screenshot

The changes may make your timeline more relevant and Twitter claim that those using the new feature “tend to Retweet or Tweet more” but it could also make the much preferred chronological order appear disjointed. Twitter are encouraging feedback let them know if you like it and turn the feature off again and let them know if you don’t.

Twitter First View

Twitter have also shown a glimpse of First View, offering “exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable real estate for a 24-hour period”. When users first visit Twitter or log in, the top advert in the timeline is becoming purchasable, albeit for only 24 hours and undoubtedly at a premium price. Only available to managed clients in the US, Twitter have said that they plan to expand First View globally in the coming months.

Facebook Updates Video Ads

In the same week as Facebook turned 12, they announced the launch of automated captioning for video ads. Facebook research has shown that 80% of their users react negatively when video ads play loudly, but captions allow advertisers to grab interest on silent videos.

The new tool will make it much easier to add captions, as they can now be added automatically rather than by embedding or uploading caption files as you have to now. A global roll out of the new feature will be in the coming weeks but will be initially only for US English video captions.

As part of the same announcement new video metrics are also being introduced, which will show how many users viewed your video with sound, and the 100% in-view buying option is also now available globally.

Instagram Multi Accounts

You can now add multi accounts together on Instagram and switch between them while using the app. Available in the 7.15 version on iOS and Android, you will now find an “Add Accounts” feature in the settings options. Once you have added your accounts together you can switch between them, with your profile picture letting you know which account you are using. Instagram for Social Media Managers has just got a whole lot easier!

Hootsuite Analytics

New and more comprehensive social media analytics are being tested by Hootsuite. By invitation only as they are still in Beta, the improvements promise to improve the analytics available with a breakdown by posts, followers, engagement and traffic for your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Testing will inevitably lead to some changes but it is more intuitive and accessible than the previous reports.

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