Social Media Weekly Roundup ft. Twitter, Vimeo, Vine, Facebook Plus Instagram & YouTube Rumours

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In social media this week Twitter release a new Connect tab, Vimeo join forces with VHX, Vine launches a new app for Windows 10, Facebook makes changes to its Android app for Facebook Live and rumours surface about changes to Instagram and YouTube.


Twitter ConnectThis week see’s Twitter launching a new Connect tab making it easier for you to connect and follow other users. Click on the blue figure at the top left and you will see a list of Twitter recommended accounts.

Recommendations are based on who you follow, your interactions, popular accounts that are local to you and what is currently trending. You can start following with a click of a button and then carry on browsing the list. Sync your address book by clicking on Find Friends and if someone in your address book joins at a later date you will receive a notification so that you can start following them.

The changes are being rolled out from the 5th May so update your Twitter app to be able to use the new feature. This update makes it even easier to use Twitter to find more people to connect with.


This week Vine and Microsoft have announced Vine for Windows 10. The new app allows users to watch Vine on larger Windows 10 tablets and computers and you don’t need to have an account to do it.


Vimeo have announced that VHX, a digital distribution platform, will be joining their family. In a move that Vimeo claim will give video sellers “more ways to share your videos with the world”, Vimeo are increasing their presence in the competitive online video platform market.


Facebook appear to have made changes to their Android app to make Facebook Live more prominent. Recent updates for some users have seen the Live button front and center of the screen. Click the Live button and it takes you to a “never-ending list” of videos to watch. Videos autoplay as you scroll through the list and the ‘Guide’ function allows you to choose from a list of topics.

Facebook has made it very clear that they see Live (and 360) video as the way forward and this change reflects their intention to make Live video more accessible for all users.

Instagram & YouTube Rumours

Two different rumours have surfaced this week in the digital world. Firstly, Instagram seem to have been testing some changes to introduce business accounts as some business users saw a contact option appear and a business category under their name. The changes have now disappeared but it could be that Instagram are taking a more Facebook approach to making business use on the platform more transparent.

Secondly, Google may be bringing a more Material Design to YouTube after a Reddit user discovered the new look in Chrome’s browser developer tools. The design is much flatter and less cluttered with more colour and white space. Neither Instagram or Google have commented officially on the rumours.

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