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Social Media Weekly Update ft. Instagram Business Tools, Periscope & Messenger Emojis

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In social media this week Instagram announces Instagram business tools, Periscope makes changes to allow for live content moderation and Messenger introduces diverse emojis.


instagram logoIn a long awaited announcement, Instagram have confirmed that they will be offering Instagram Business Tools for their commercial users. The new tools will be free and will differentiate business accounts from personal users on the platform.

Business profiles will have a new contact button and show directions. Perhaps more importantly the new business tools will also include insights. Available within the mobile app the new tools will allow businesses to understand their followers and analyse which posts work best for your audience.

Promotion will also be available to business users including adding a call to action button on posts and the option to select a target audience (or to allow Instagram to select one for you). The new business tools will undoubtedly look and feel similar to those available on Facebook but it will be interesting to see how they can be used to improve the reach and engagement of business profiles.

Unfortunately, it could be some time before they are available in the UK as they are being rolled out in the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months with a promise from Instagram that they will be available to all by the end of the year.


Periscope Moderation VoterPeriscope recognise that live broadcast creators can be open to spam or abusive comments and have introduced live comment moderation in a new system which is designed “to be very lightweight”.

Periscope understand that what may appear abusive in some contexts may be acceptable in others so when a viewer reports a comment, Periscope will randomly select a few viewers to vote on whether they think the message was abuse, spam or looks ok.

The voting process will take only a matter of seconds and is designed so that it doesn’t detract from the broadcast. The result of the vote will be shown to voters and if the majority of voters vote that it is spam or abuse the commenter will be notified that their chat has been temporarily disabled.

Repeat offences will lead to the commenters chat being disabled for the remainder of the broadcast. Periscope are keen to preserve the “unfiltered nature of our platform” so broadcasters can choose whether or not they want their broadcast to be moderated and viewers can opt out of voting by amending their account settings. Content moderation is rolling out now across the platform.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger have often been criticised for the lack of diversity in emojis but they have tried to rectify this in an update available this week.

Whether you love them or hate them 10% of mobile sends in Messenger include them and the new update gives you over 1,500 new ones to play with. You can choose preferred skin tones or hair colour (which now includes an option for red heads) or choose from new female versions of existing ones like a female police officer or runner.

The new update also makes it easier to toggle between emojis and the standard keyboard and includes an emoji picker to help you choose the “perfect emoji”. Messenger now also claim that the new and improved emojis will always look the same no matter what the platform of the recipient so you don’t have to worry any more about random black boxes appearing. The emojis are available in the update that is coming out this week.

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