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Social Media Weekly Update ft. Instagram Stories, Twitter & Snapchat Geostickers

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In social media this week, Instagram introduces Stories, Twitter goes Olympics mad and announces a new Ads Manager and Snapchat gives us Geostickers.

Instagram Stories

In what looks like a strategic move against Snapchat, Instagram have announced Instagram Stories. As you share multiple photos and videos throughout the day, they’ll appear together in a slideshow format to create a Story. Add in new text and drawing tools to edit your images and video and that your Instagram Story will only last 24 hours before it disappears and it would be an easy conclusion that Instagram are going head to head with Snapchat.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are easy to navigate back and forth within the story and also to switch between Stories. Users can’t like or publicly comment on Stories but they can send a private message in response. The visibility of your Stories is the same as your account settings, but they are also hideable, even from someone who follows you.

You can also choose to feature a particular part of your Story by posting it to your profile, so that it remains for longer than 24 hours. New stories are highlighted by a coloured ring around the profile picture which appears in a bar at the top of a users feed.

Instagram Stories will be rolling out globally on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks. The big question is whether or not it will have an impact on Snapchat’s popularity – the combination of permanent and impermanent could have a wider appeal to users on both platforms. Will that be enough to pull Snapchat fans toward Instagram?

Twitter Goes Olympic Crazy

With the start of the Olympics only hours away, Twitter have shared their new Olympics emojis for #Rio2016. Tweet your three letter country code to reveal one of the 207 team emojis. Let everyone know what you are watching with one of the 50 Olympics and sports emojis including #OpeningCeremony, #Gold, #Diving and #Athletics (and don’t forget #GBR if you want to show support for Team GB).

Twitter Ads Manager

Twitter have announced changes to their Twitter Ads Manager. The changes include custom filters and custom metrics which can be saved and which allow you to concentrate on the information that is important to you. The same information can also be quickly exported.

The new Ads Manager is still in beta but is rolling out to advertisers globally from this week. If it is available to you, it will appear as your new default when you open your Ads Manager. The new dashboard won’t affect any of your existing adverts and campaigns and you can return to the previous dashboard if you prefer.

Snapchat Geostickers

In addition to last week’s announcement of their integration with Bitmoji and their usual filters and stickers, Snapchat have introduced Geostickers. As long as you have location services enabled, you can send the new Geostickers in a chat or add them to Snaps. Geostickers are available now for 10 locations including London, New York and Riyadh.

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