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Social Media Weekly Update ft. Pinterest, Snapchat Discover & Facebook Closes Notify

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In social media this week, Pinterest changes Pin to Save, Snapchat redesign Discover and Facebook closes Notify and makes it easy to share 360 photos.


PinterestDevoted Pinners will have noticed a change this week as the call to action is no longer to ‘Pin’ but to ‘Save’. Pinterest have acknowledged that save is globally recognised whereas Pin has a more limited recognition outside of the US.

In an announcement at the end of last week, Pinterest confirmed that the tests they had carried out in other parts of the world had shown “impressive numbers” with regards to an increase in the number of Pins and as a result, Pinterest have made the decision to introduce the save Pin globally.

Pins are also now reorganised slightly differently so that you can now see all the boards people have saved the Pin to across Pinterest. Reaction amongst the Pinning community are mixed with some not liking the change but Pinterest are keen to make Pinterest “great for everyone”.


Snapchat Discover 1

Snapchat Discover 2

Snapchat Discover 3

Snapchat Discover 4

Discover on Snapchat has had a redesign making it easier to find and subscribe to brands.

The old circular icons, which were restrictive from a design point of view, have been replaced by tiles where you can see an image and text. Swipe left and you see bigger, easy to scroll tiles that you can click through on. Press and hold the tiles and you can subscribe to the different channels so that their content appears in your personal feed or share on other social networks, SMS and email.

As Discover is Snapchat’s main way of generating income it’s not surprising that the changes make it easier to find and subscribe. The changes are available with the latest update.

Facebook Notify

In an alert sent to its users, Facebook announced that they would no longer be supporting the app and were transitioning parts into other Facebook products. Notify was launched only 7 months ago and allowed users to receive news notifications for a selection of over 70 publishers.

The alert confirms that it never really took off as a separate app and only achieved a relatively small number of downloads. A statement from Facebook, suggested that the parts were most likely to be integrated into Messenger for the benefit of its 900 million monthly users. Could Notify have been another experiment by Facebook to see what users did and didn’t like? If so, future Messenger updates will hopefully show the integration of the more popular aspects of Notify.

Facebook 360Facebook 360 Photos

If you have recently posted a panoramic photo to your Facebook status you may have noticed Facebook convert it into a 360 photo. This clever new function means that users can easily share 360 photos on the network. More importantly, you don’t need expensive equipment to do it – simply take a panoramic photo with your phone and Facebook will automatically convert it for you (or you can use a 360 photo app or 360 camera).

Your followers will be able to explore the photo by clicking and dragging on the web or by tapping or moving their phone for a more immersive experience. With the increasing popularity of 360 images this is a great way of encouraging your users and followers to get more interactive with your content. Get creative and use the new function to showcase your products, your brand and your people on Facebook.

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