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Social Media Weekly Update ft. Twitter Food Council, Snapchat & Bitmoji, Tumblr, WhatsApp & Candid

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In social media this week, Twitter take a new approach to marketing and introduce the Twitter Food Council, Snapchat join forces with Bitmoji, Tumblr talk about adverts, we show how businesses can get social with WhatsApp and introduce Candid, the new kid on the social media block.


Following their own research Twitter announced that they found 90% of people globally recognise the Twitter brand. What they also discovered is that for many, Twitter was seen primarily as a social network for connecting with friends and family but this isn’t how Twitter see themselves.

Recently Twitter were re-classified on the Apple App store from social network to news, and Twitter are keen to get this message across. They want to be a place “where you go to see what’s happening in the world right now” and have realigned their marketing to reflect this. The coming weeks will reveal new videos and digital ads to enforce their message.

Twitter Food Profile PicTwitter Food Council

In the last week Twitter have launched the Twitter Food Council through @TwitterFood and users have been invited to join in the food conversation using #FoodFlock. The council is made up of chefs and influencers and is promising Q&As, Periscope chats and Tweets offering daily inspiration. Is this Twitter’s challenge to Instagram and Pinterest for their recipe and food lover audience?

Snapchat and Bitmoji

Earlier this year Snapchat acquired Bitmoji for more than $100 million and Snapchat have now announced that the Bitmoji features have been integrated into their app. You still have to create your Bitmoji separately using the Bitmoji app but once you link it to your Snapchat account you can add your personalised Bitmoji stickers to Snaps.

BitmojiTV and movie companies have already created Bitmojis for new releases (Bitmoji have an exclusive deal with Disney Pixar) and fashion designers like Steve Madden and Michael Kors have designed fashion for the ‘Bitmoji fashion’ pack where you can dress your Bitmoji.

It’s not certain how it will translate to other industries but the link with Snapchat will definitely see more brand Bitmojis being created.


Tumblr will soon be introducing adverts to their platform so that bloggers can start making money from their Tumblr blog later this year. Tumblr have announced that you will need to register for the program and that you will be able to turn off on-blog advertising if you don’t want them. Very little other information is available as Tumblr are still “working out the details” but they have promised that there will more announcements soon.


Hair extension specialists Milk & Blush are using WhatsApp in a unique way to communicate and engage with their customers. Customers are being invited to contact them via WhatsApp for all things related to their products, hair advice, customer service and for exclusive news and discounts. This is a hands on approach to engaging with their customers and a great way of keeping them loyal by opening up a relatively easy way to communicate that appeals to their target audience.


Candid LogoLast week saw the launch of Candid, a new anonymous social media network. Candid keeps their users, and their posts and comments anonymous.

Unlike previous anonymous networks like Secret and Yik Yak, which were closed down because anonymity bred an environment where users faced no consequences for posting hateful or distasteful comments, Candid relies on artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis to detect content.

This then assigns badges which act as an indicator of the content a user is likely to share. A “gossip” badge, for example, would indicate that a user regularly posts unsubstantiated news or rumours.Through the use of AI and sentiment analysts, Candid are aiming to make their network a safer place to be by making it less attractive to post negativity. Have you used it yet?

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