Landing Page Best Practices to Enhance Your Conversion Rate

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Conversion Optimisation

All website owners want to grow their audiences, and this alone is a challenge. Keeping that audience coming though and converting is another challenger altogether.

Website owners have to work even harder on developing their landing pages in order to consistently convert their audience. There is no set formula for creating the most successful landing page, but there are a number of best practices that we would suggest.

Here at SocialB we want to help small, medium and large organizations with hints and tips that could be time savers and work on developing their websites. Check out the below-landing page best practices that enhance conversion rate.

1. Content

Landing on a page that has no relevant content to the user’s expectations is not going to satisfy their initial desire, leading to potentially high bounce rates and exit rates. Ensure content is providing the user with enough information on the product or service, or risk them leaving. Grammar and punctuation should be impeccable to ensure a level of trust and professionalism.

2. Images

Images used alongside the content should be high quality and relevant for the user to relate to. Don’t forget to ensure they are optimized for SEO.

3. Call to action

What is it that you want the user to do? Make sure that, whatever it is, it is clear for the user to understand, that it’s a quick and simple process. For example, if you’re an e-commerce site, an ’Add to Basket’ button might be suitable. If you’re a solicitor asking for enquiries it might be an ‘Enquire Today’ button.

4. Above the fold

If the user does not need to scroll down the page to find what they need, then brilliant! The most important content should be above the page fold to support a quick, simple and easy to use UX.

5. Headlines & Titles

The whole user journey should be fluent and consistent. The headlines and titles used should compliment the users desires. Ensure they are relevant and true to the content.


Research the colors used on your landing pages. Some colours trigger certain feelings and responses in users. Be mindful of which colours you use where.

7. Test, test, test

As with most things in marketing, testing is imperative. If your landing page is not currently working for you and driving the conversions you desire, the best thing to do is tweak areas and test performance over time, before additional changes are made.

If you need help with any of our landing page best practices to enhance your conversion rate, or you need a little advice, give us a Tweet @SocialBuk with any questions.

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