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Social Media Weekly Round Up ft. Facebook Events, Workplace by Facebook, Snap stories & Rich Kids

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In social media this week Facebook introduces Events, rolls out Workplace and starts ad testing in Groups, Snap launches Playlist and RichKids makes social media exclusive.

Facebook Events facebook-events-app

Events on Facebook are used by more than 100 million people every day and Facebook have launched a separate Events app to help you find and manage events that are happening now and in the future.  The app will show you events your friends are interested in, recently announced events from Pages that you like, and updates on events that you have shown an interest in.  A user can search by location, time or interests both locally or in a chosen location.  The app also links back to Facebook and has a calendar so you can manage your events and see what’s coming up.  Although it hasn’t been included in the app or its launch it seems inevitable that businesses will be able to promote events in the future.  The app has initially been launched on iOS in the US and will be rolling out to Android soon.

Workplace By Facebook

Formerly known as Facebook at Work, Workplace by Facebook has been used by more than 1,000 organisations around the world.  From this week, Facebook are making Workplace available to all companies or organisations that want to use it.  Workplace includes everything that Facebook does like Groups, Chat and Live but also has a single sign-on and a dashboard with analytics.  Extra functions like multi-company groups, which allow collaboration between different companies, will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Workplace is free for not for profits and educational institutions but is chargeable to others.  The more users you have the less it costs you per user.

Facebook Groups

Rumours are that Facebook are testing ads in Groups.  Groups are one of the last ad-free places in Facebook but advertising in groups appears to currently being tested in selected countries.   This is potentially great news for advertisers as groups are usually clustered around particular interests which would increase the targeting potential to the 500 million active users who have a group connection.  How will group members react to the intrusion?  Or are users so used to seeing adverts anyway that it won’t be a problem?

Snap Stories

Snap have changed their Story feed so that friends Stories take priority making it less likely that a Publisher’s Story will be seen unless it is specifically found on their Discover page.  At the same time Snap are changing how users move from one Story to the next.  This will no longer happen automatically and users will have to add stories that they want to see to a Playlist.  The bonus to advertisers is that Snap will allow for one ad space to appear between each story in a Playlist.  Playlist is available now on Android and rolling out to iOS soon.


Until now social media has been inclusive and, more importantly, free for all to take part but the launch of RichKids has changed that.  Anyone can download the app and join so that you can “stay in touch with our members and fabulous lifestyle”.  If you want to share photos and posts you have to become a member and that comes at a premium of €1,000 a month!

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