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Social Media Roundup Ft. Instagram’s Slideshow, Facebook Video Ads & More

SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 02 Mar 2017 by Amy Hobson
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In social media this week Instagram adds extra photos to a post, Facebook updates video monetization and Twitter adds more tools to help combat abuse.


Instagram has always been about capturing the perfect shot of the moment and sharing it with your followers. In the latest update, Instagram have changed this so that you can add up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. When you upload to your feed you now get the option to “select multiple”. Followers can like and comment on the new style post as normal but they can also swipe right to see all of the photos or videos attached. The posts are square only and also limited to a single caption (for now). For users and businesses, it takes the pressure off having to take or find the perfect photo but it also detracts from what Instagram has always been about. Reactions from Instagrammers are mixed with some loving it and others not so keen. The new feature is available with the latest updated version. Do you love it or hate it?Instagram Multi Photo


Facebook have announced three different ways that they are working to update video monetization. Firstly there is a roll-out of in-stream video ads to all publishers who are eligible through their Audience Network which was launched two years ago and allows advertisers to push their adverts out across other websites and apps. Secondly, Facebook are increasing the number of creators who are testing ad breaks running during live video broadcasts. Ad breaks last up to 20 seconds and can be taken after the first 4 minutes of broadcast and additional breaks can be taken with a minimum of 5 minutes between each break. Only currently available in the US, Pages, and profiles who qualify for the test will receive a notification next time they go live. Thirdly, and again only with selected US publishers, Facebook are also testing ad breaks in on-demand videos allowing them to insert ad breaks in either existing Facebook videos in their library or new uploads. It may take a while for the options to be available to all but is a clear indicator that videos and video advertising will be increasingly important to Facebook marketers.Facebook Ad Breaks


Following on from improvements made at the end of 2016, Twitter have made further changes to improve how they detect abuse and how it can be filtered and reported. In a gradual rollout over the coming weeks, Twitter are increasing their use of technology to identify abusive accounts and to then limit the functionality of identified accounts for a period of time. Other changes include additional tools to filter notifications to exclude certain types of accounts and an expansion of the mute feature so you can mute from your timeline and you can decide how long you mute for. Twitter have also improved the way they report back when they are notified of harassment either to your account or harassment you have reported which is aimed at others.
Twitter Mute Options

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