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Some Of The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns

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It’s March, the sunshine could well be here soon but most importantly Easter is upon us, the joyous time of year focused mainly around eating copious amounts of chocolate and enjoying that extra time off work!

But which brands have previously created an egg-cellent campaign worthy of a mention on this list.

1, Hotel Chocolat

In previous years the chocolate specialist have been encouraging customers to take a selfie with its incredibly smart Easter bunny, which was touring its stores across the UK and visiting famous points of interest encouraging users to engage in the conversation and work out where the Beau Bunny was. The main objective was for users to share their selfies with Beau across social media channels with the hashtag #TheBeauBunny for the chance to win a £100 worth of Easter treats.

2, Carlsberg

Carlsberg are no stranger to being in the spotlight with their excellent marketing campaigns and continued this into Easter with their ‘If Carlsberg Did’ slogan. Carlsberg decided to make a giant bar made entirely of chocolate and mounted onto the wall of the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, the bar was nearly made up of nearly half a tonne of chocolate and featured a fully functioning Carlsberg pump.

They invited people to come and enjoy a pint of Carlsberg out of a chocolate branded glass. Carlsberg setting up paid media campaigns and the idea went viral on social media with people talking about it all over social media.

3, Cadbury

The chocolate kings continue to make Cadbury synonymous with the Easter holidays and their campaign in 2016 was a clear intent about the seriousness of Easter for the chocolate brand. The Cadbury team decided that they were going to place three huge (the height of a double-decker bus) Easter eggs in Loch Ness, it caused a big stir on social media by using the hashtag #EggsEverywhere. The idea was to keep Cadbury at the front of the Easter egg game, and it certainly worked as in 2016 1 in 3 of all eggs sold where Cadbury.

Easter is certainly a magical time and brands of all types certainly use the holiday to generate some great engagement or awareness. Let’s see what 2018 brings…

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