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SocialB Digital Marketing Blog Last modified: 21 Aug 2013 by Gemma
Social Media

Social Media Marketing has seen the opportunities for companies to easily engage in conversation with their target audience increase infinitely. The introduction of mainstream social media networks has revolutionised business models and prospects.

Social Media Marketing can be defined as using technology to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through your followers sharing your businesses’ updates with their friends.

So if you are still yet to jump on the Social Media Marketing bandwagon, what are you waiting for? Here on the SocialB blog we discuss just why tapping into these key tools can help you to attract new business.

First things first, make sure you create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that’s suitable for your business. Think about what social media your audience uses and which best suits your brand: are your products or services visual, audio or text-based?

After streamlining which networks you will be part of, start creating an online identity and tone of voice. Upload content that reflects your brand’s values and ethos and also like, share, and comment on other users posts.

By being a part of the social media conversation means you will create a sustained and regular outreach to your target market – subsequently increasing traffic to your site and improving sales. You might even find a window of opportunity presents itself that wouldn’t have done had you not become part of social networks.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or how others use Social Media Marketing to their advantage, a good place to start is with competitor’s profiles and pages. Even indirect competitors are useful and whilst individuality is important, there’s nothing wrong with following other similar businesses to yours.

Think of social media marketing as word-of-mouth recommendations with added technology – and added potential!

If you still need a little help to get going, get in touch with the experts at SocialB.

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