Team Anniversaries – It’s Time To Share Some True Love Work Stories

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Here at SocialB, we pride ourselves on the open and ever-evolving environment within the SocialB team. Our fun, dedicated team boasts a collaborative and inclusive way of working.

Our creative people are strong communicators with varied and established skillsets and of course, a love for all things digital. As an organisation, our main concern is to support our team members and to ensure that each and every one loves what they do.

It looks as though we might be getting it right! As we’re celebrating no less than three special, work anniversaries. We took the time to ask our three team members why for them, being with SocialB is still a match made in digital marketing heaven.



It’s been a wild ride for Ellie at SocialB! When she started in 2014, in a training support role, it was just her and Lynsey. Fast forward five years to 2019, with many more SocialB members and she heads up the Digital Team!

When asked, her biggest achievement would be how far she’s come from those first few months. Her self-confidence has grown tenfold and her digital marketing knowledge continues to do so. She enjoys leading a fantastic team and speaking at conferences and events around the world.

Ellie appreciates the way in which we invest in each and every team member. From developing marketing practices to nurturing personal passions and skills, we exploit vast resources to upskill our team. When asked, she’s immensely proud of SocialB’s wellbeing policy, created with each employee in mind. By means of an anonymous survey, Ellie collated the wants and needs of each team member to create a bespoke rather than blanket wellbeing policy. This has had a positive impact on productivity and the way the team collaborates.



On Paul’s first day, Lynsey told him that “time disappears at SocialB.” Three years later and that certainly seems to ring true. Although a relatively short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, Paul believes his time with SocialB has completely changed him, both as a person and as a digital marketer.

Prior to working at SocialB, Paul honed his digital marketing juggling act in-house. However, over the past three years, working at SocialB has taught him that balancing marketing strategies for several prestigious companies at the same time, is a completely different ball-game. It has opened his eyes to the value of time management, prioritisation and teamwork. Skills that have helped him to develop into the digital marketer he is today.

Paul has enjoyed working with some great people, helping to grow some fantastic businesses and challenging himself to never lose sight of the bigger picture. To go from a lone Digital Marketing Executive for a small retailer to the Digital Strategy and Development Lead for SocialB has been a real journey. One that he’s looking forward to continuing in the future!



We’re celebrating George’s first anniversary. Although it’s only been a year, George has managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time. When asked, one prominent achievement was the development of a three-day training course for an overseas client. This successful training course not only produced a satisfied customer but has since also become one of SocialB’s most popular courses. Another high point for George was his involvement in the pitch, proposal and subsequent win of a significant and established cookware brand as a new client.

Already, in his relatively short time with us, George has recognised that we boast the ability to get things done. All ideas are welcomed and change is not a challenge. If something needs to be done, we have the skills and experience to accomplish it. George also appreciates the emphasis and importance we place on learning. Everyone at SocialB is encouraged to learn, share and develop, personally and professionally.

Like all team members, George’s role at SocialB has already evolved. Initially, George was responsible for coordinating our open courses and ensuring their successful completion. Today, not only does he successfully manage that but he also curates bespoke training solutions for a range of businesses. He currently enjoys the additional challenge of getting stuck in at the initial pitch stage when dealing with new digital clients.


Over the years, the team has grown and grown but our Mission Statement and Values have always remained at the forefront of our company culture.


Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more!


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