The 3 Most Effective Digital Channels For Legal Firms

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3 Digital Channels for Legal FirmsDigital marketing has many added advantages for legal firms over the more traditional marketing methods, such as sponsorship or local print and paper advertising, which are hard to measure when it comes to the impact and results. This is where digital channels have the upper hand.

Not only is digital marketing cost effective, but reaches a much wider audience on a regular basis. It is also very transparent and being highly measurable lets you adjust your marketing efforts to achieve even better results.

1. Content Marketing

Using content marketing lets you build credibility and establish your law firm, partners and team as an authority on particular legal topics and services. Relevant and unique content shared on your website and social media will attract visitors and potential clients.

Ensure where possible to make your content user friendly and avoid legal jargon where appropriate to help reach the widest target audience. Your website content should aim to engage and encourage interaction and of course must be a mobile friendly responsive site.

2. Social Media Marketing

Having an active presence on social media, can increase brand awareness, get content to a targeted audience, let you network with others in your field, develop new relationships and generate new business. Which ever social media platform you use, measuring impressions and engagement will help to ensure the content you are sharing is relevant and of use to your followers.

Social media also has SEO benefits, but it is essential to present a consistent brand image throughout your social media channels and optimise your social media profiles for search.

3. Email Marketing

While strong word-of-mouth reputation still has an important part to play in how firms within the legal sector find work, digital tools such as email marketing is a good way to cement existing relationships and create new ones.

It’s important that you don’t forget about your existing customers, those clients who have used your services and signed up to your regular newsletter and email promotions. With such a diverse range of legal services available, it may be more effectual to tailor your emails into sectors, for example Conveyancing, Will Writing, Family Law etc which means you can target your email campaigns more effectively.

Building a strong online presence through a variety of digital channels is imperative to the success of today’s modern law firms. There is undeniably a demographic shift in consumers, as younger clients come through the various stages of life where they require a solicitor. These consumers will be searching for legal firms online through digital channels and mobile media. If you want to find out how digital channels can help retain existing clients and increase new business, contact our team for a chat.

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