The App Takeover: Sweden

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Smartphone apps have taken the world by storm and become a very integral part in our daily lives, apps are even changing our online shopping habits with retailers creating apps for their consumers. It has reached a point where we more or less can’t live without our smartphones and the apps we’ve installed because they tend to make our lives much simpler, entertain us and connect us to the rest of the world. When travelling back home to Sweden a few weeks ago I noticed their “app-behaviour” had changed since my last visit. It seems Swedes are more dependent on their phones than what we might be in the UK, here are some of the apps Swedes use on a daily basis.


Swish is a very simple app, all it’s created for is sending money from your bank account straight to someone else’s through the app. You start by opening Swish and clicking ‘Pay’ (‘Betala’ in Swedish) which will take you to a new page within the app, enter the payee’s mobile number, the amount you would like to pay them, add a message if you would like to and finish off by clicking ‘Pay’ at the bottom of the page. You will then need to sign it, enter your own personal code to verify that you’re using your own account and the recipient will receive their money in a matter of seconds.

With this app, you are able to pay friends and family, as well as affiliate companies, associations, and organisations. Due to its simplicity, the app is used and loved by over 4 517 823 million people living in Sweden. Swish has become so normal to use that the term “I’ll Swish you” is understood widely around the country.


Pinchos is Swedens first and currently only app-restaurant since the chain launched in 2012. Pinchos is a tapas restaurant, their concept is simple and only has 5 steps!

1. Download the app and book your table

pinchos-step-12. When you’re at the restaurant, look through the menu and pick what you would like to eat

3. Order your foodpinchos-step-2

pinchos-step-34. You will receive a notification on your phone when your food and/or drinks are ready to be picked up from the kitchen or bar

pinchos-step-45. When you’ve finished your meal and it’s time to pay, you can do so through the app or send the waiter a notification that you’re ready to pay.pinchos-step-5

SMS Park

Even how you pay for parking has forever changed in Sweden. Gone are the days where you have to get a ticket and pay for it before you leave the parking lot! SMS Park’s vision is to make parking as simple and smart as possible, it shouldn’t be something messy or associated with parking tickets but something that is done efficiently and quickly. This app isn’t just popular and well used because of the above but also because you pay for the time you’ve actually parked your car.

So why have these apps become such an integral part in the average Swede’s life? Because of their simplicity, taking everyday things and making them nearly effortless. Whether it’s avoiding parking tickets, paying back a friend in a matter of seconds with a few clicks on your phone or saving yourself some time in a restaurant by not waiting around for a waiter. Because of these types of apps, Swedes have been offered a solution to the little things we might generally find annoying or time consuming and it certainly seems to be the way forward to Sweden.

Could the app takeover be coming to your country next? Share your thoughts with us!

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