The Best Of All Top SEO Tips – Keep It Simple

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SEO is a common phrase in today’s world and the Internet or World Wide Web is used by billions of people daily, yet many people are still looking for top SEO tips, believing that search engine optimisation is a complicated business with countless issues to consider – but is that really the case? Of all the top SEO tips readily available, very few explain exactly how simple SEO really  is.

There is no big secret to good SEO and of all the top SEO tips out there the truth is that SEO is and should be simple! Search engines are very similar to libraries, both want to make it easy to find what you are looking for and above all ensure that what they deliver is relevant to you.

So whilst it may have been a while since you stepped into a library, libraries have thousands of books for you to choose from, so how do you find the right book? Quite simply, the books are classified into sections, fiction, and non-fiction, then categories such as cooking or building, then alphabetically placed on the shelf according to the title of the book. If you delve further into the book you find chapters and eventually you can find the information on a page that you are looking for.

The best of all top SEO tips is to think of your website as a book and a search engine as a library, you need to make sure that whoever is looking for your products or services can find them above all other websites when searching.

All top SEO tips can be summed up in one word ‘relevant’. Google and other search engines endeavour to offer their customers (the people who search) exactly what they are searching for, so if your website is not relevant to the products you are selling it simply will not be returned in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Just like a book, which must be relevant to where it is placed in a library.

A few simple top SEO tips can help:

• Find and use relevant keywords relating to your products or services.
• Write relevant content based around your keywords.
• Add relevant title tags incorporating keywords to your web pages (every book needs a catchy title).
• Include links in your content using your relevant keywords as link text.

SEO is not rocket science, yet we are still told that search engine optimisation is a complex industry and that without following an experts top SEO tips our websites will not rank. A reputable SEO professional can always help, offer practical advice and with their knowledge can often achieve quicker results, but next time you get that sales call from an SEO company, don’t ask them for their top SEO tips, simply ask them if SEO is easy and see what they say!

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  1. Thanks for this. It was a very handy article. I read that social media is getting more and more important for SEO, and that the more fans and followers you have on accounts linked to your website, the higher you rank in google. Is that true?

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