The Do’s & Don’ts Of Social Media: Back To Basics

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Ever lost your train of thought? You’re in mid-flow, eloquently answering a question or providing a great insight and you pause as your mind goes blank.

It happens to us all at some time and sadly the “now why was I saying this?” moments have their social media equivalents for many businesses and organisations.

It’s time to get back to social media basics and consider “now why was I posting this?”

Do – Have A Strategy

We’re still surprised that even now we hear of entire marketing or sales teams being incredibly active on social media, but not having a strategy.

Simply put, a strategy answers “What do I want to achieve with my social media activity?” Having a strategy in place means that you and your team are aware of the reasons that you’re connecting, engaging and posting on social media and also have identified who your target audiences are.

Don’t Wing It – Set Objectives

Once you have your strategy, what objectives do you want to achieve?

Is it more sales, more leads, more reads of your blog or to improve customer service?

Make sure your objectives are realistic and reflect the resources and capacity that you have available. If you’re planning to use twitter to improve your customer service, it’s worth considering your customer facing teams being trained in the platform, rather than expect your marketing manager to field customer enquiries between writing PR releases, running events, and updating websites.

If you are planning to use social media to improve customer service, check out our Customer Service on Social Media course.


Do – Measure Success Properly

The number of likes, comments, shares, fans or followers on any social media channel are important.  The growth of your social connections and the engagement on your posts can reveal that you have a growing and engaged social community.

But these metrics are not the ultimate measurement of success and are often known as “vanity metrics” (“My page is bigger than yours…..”).

For example, if your objective is to sell tickets to your event via social media, five people seeing your post and buying tickets is more successful than 5000 people liking your post and not buying anything.

Also, start with measurement in mind e.g. can you use Google Analytics to track click-throughs on your posts and subsequent downloads on your website? By the way, yes you can, and we’d be happy to show you how.

Don’t Broadcast

Although it’s crucial to have a strategy and set objectives, remember that these are social media channels. So be social, build relationships, build trust, provide valuable content and don’t over sell.

Many social media platforms now have “paid-for” options within their advertising solutions. Don’t see the social media advertising as an excuse to broadcast, because you’re paying for it. Instead, see it as a means of being social with people and accounts that you’re not yet connected to. Create social and engaging posts to increase your reach beyond the confines of your current social communities.

So, whenever you’re wondering “why am I posting this?” make sure you get back to basics, create a strategy, set objectives, measure success and be social.

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